Meet Joey Coleman: EVOLVE Summit Featured Speaker

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What do Amazon, Netflix, and your law firm have in common? According to Joey Coleman, they all have the ability to deliver world-class customer service!

In today’s business landscape, consumers don’t simply compare lawyers to other lawyers. They’re comparing them to every single brand that they interact with on a daily basis. These other companies deliver seamless relationships centered around customer convenience and provide a flawless experience each and every day.

Award-winning speaker and customer service expert Joey Coleman is coming to the EVOLVE Summit to show your firm how to deliver these same exceptional experiences for your clients!


Who is Joey Coleman?

As Founder and Chief Experience Composer of Design Symphony, Joey has been helping organizations of all types retain their best customers and convert them into raving fans for over two decades. He is an award-winning speaker known for his hilarious and actionable keynotes, workshops, and consultations.

Brands as varied as NASA and Zappos have turned to Joey to take their customers’ experience to the next level. He works with hundreds of companies, ranging from small start-ups to massive Fortune 500s and everything in between.


Joey’s odyssey to become a customer service expert, however, took many twists and turns.

After graduating from George Washington University Law School, he practiced as a criminal defense attorney. Then he became a business consultant. From there, he sold promotional products, taught at the postgraduate level, and started his own ad agency. He then served in The White House Office of Counsel to the President during the Clinton Administration, worked with the United States Secret Service, and even held a position in the Central Intelligence Agency.

While Joey’s CV might resemble a Mad Libs at times, there was a deliberate method to his madness. He developed his narrative skills as a criminal defense attorney, gained experience advising Fortune 500 companies as a business consultant, honed his communications and messaging skills in the White House, and he would tell you what he gained from his time with the Secret Service and CIA, but he’d have to kill you (not really, it’d just be illegal due to his security clearance).

In each of Joey’s positions, he realized that every job in the world values the human condition. He was able to take the learnings from each of them and combine them into a comprehensive understanding of customer and employee experience.

Joey has several different avenues through which he shares his broad and actionable strategies to provide the optimal experience for everybody in the organization.

First, he founded Design Symphony, a customer experience branding firm that assists businesses of all types and sizes in optimizing their customer and employee interactions. In other words, they get the entire organization playing in harmony (hence the name).

Joey is the Chief Experience Composer, conducting those companies as they begin to better understand their audiences, determine how to get their attention, and develop strategies to knock them off their feet, especially in the crucial First 100 Days of the customer lifecycle.

Joey elaborated on this First 100 Days concept in his Wall Street Journal #2 best-selling book Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days.

The 100 Days concept is based on the data which indicates that 20-70% of a company’s new customers will stop doing business with them within the first 100 days due to a sense of neglect in these early stages.

In Never Lose a Customer Again, Joey teaches his readers how to turn these one-time purchasers into lifelong customers by improving the early stages of onboarding to increase customer loyalty and thus retention.

Clearly, Joey Coleman has no shortage of customer experience insights to share. And that’s why he’s speaking at EVOLVE on June 24 and 25.


What Joey Coleman Will Bring to the EVOLVE Summit

Joey has worked with such a wide variety of businesses that he knows the ins and outs of each area — the unique differences and common similarities they all share. So he’s well-positioned to address thousands of the most forward-thinking and innovative law firms in the nation at EVOLVE.

He knows that most attorneys practice law primarily because they want to help people. This is why delivering a world-class client experience is a non-negotiable.

He will cover all kinds of ground, including:

  • The value of salvaging a poorly handled initial customer service interaction
  • The essential nature of earning organic referrals to facilitate growth
  • The benefits of gaining a customer compared to retaining one

You can expect Joey to answer each of these questions as well as explain the comprehensive buyer’s journey, and how each step can be perfected to maximize retention and guarantee a constant increase in referrals.

When you see Joey take the EVOLVE stage, brace yourself.

He’s about to turn your idea of the law firm customer experience completely on its head.

About the EVOLVE Summit

The EVOLVE Summit is shaking up the legal industry by putting on an unprecedented virtual experience. This engaging and innovative event on June 24-25, 2021 will include cutting-edge technology, luxury giveaways, and a stacked collection of speakers, including Joey Coleman! Here’s the list of our current confirmed speakers:

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Then the EVOLVE Summit is for you.