Meet Joe Fried: Crisp Game Changers Summit 3 Featured Speaker

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Can you feel it? The energy is palpable as we inch ever close to the third installment of the Crisp Game Changers Summit.

This year’s Summit promises to deliver in a big way, bringing together the brightest and boldest in the legal industry for two days of groundbreaking insights, connections, and revelations to inspire massive growth for your firm.

Along with swapping stories of success and learning from failure at the dinner table, you’ll also have the chance to hear directly from the minds remolding the legal landscape as our highly-anticipated featured speakers take the stage.

The latest game changer to join the lineup is trucking attorney and Managing Partner of Fried Goldberg Joe Fried.

“It’s way beyond cases at this point. It’s really about leaving a positive mark on the industry.”


Who is Joe Fried?

Joe’s pioneering work in the trucking crash law area has helped catastrophically injured clients take on giant corporations — it’s also allowed him to massively scale his practice.

Joe’s introduction to the courtroom wasn’t as a lawyer but as a cop for Atlanta PD. Grinding out 80-hour work weeks as one of the youngest police officers in Atlanta, it didn’t take long for the injustice and inequality he saw in court to ignite a new passion that would define his future success.

His critical realization was that the true difference-maker in any case is a good lawyer. So he set out to become the best.

After receiving his law degree from the University of Georgia, Fried entered private practice in Fulton County. He spent over 20 years behind the bench as a part-time judge while building his personal injury firm. He never could leave those 80-hour weeks behind.

During these years, Fried began to see his opportunity to be a force for change, identifying a fundamental problem in the way trucking cases were handled. Today, he represents his clients as one of the most recognized names in trucking law in the nation.

Eager to understand Joe’s true motivation and how he managed to create his own rulebook and define his niche in the courtroom? He was recently featured on The Game Changing Attorney Podcast where he talked with Crisp CEO & Founder Michael Mogill to unpack his journey, answering:

  • How do you make the leap into an undefined niche?
  • Why does helping your competitors succeed make you a better lawyer?
  • How do you turn fear into a motivator?
  • How do you make the right decisions for your firm when no one has gone before you?
  • and MUCH more…

What Joe Fried Will Bring to the Game Changers Summit

“The more I’ve given, the more I’ve gotten,” Joe says — and his commitment to educating others runs deep.

At the Game Changers Summit, Joe will freely share how to differentiate your firm by identifying and perfecting a niche practice. He’ll also flip your understanding of competition and explain why the best way to get ahead is to help those around you, a mission he’s committed to through his own Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and partnership with Trial Lawyer College.

Joe didn’t get to where he is by following others. He built his success by learning from those around him but choosing to apply his own talents in new ways. Now he’s the educator ready to help you define your path to explosive growth.


About the Crisp Game Changers Summit

Joe’s collaborative spirit is exactly what you’ll find from every attendee of the Game Changers Summit, where 2,500 of the nation’s most ambitious law firm owners are coming to Atlanta on November 5-6, 2021 to gain:

  • Actionable insights to grow their law firms
  • Unforgettable connections with the top leaders in the industry
  • The next-level experience you’ve come to expect from Crisp events

Fried is in good company, joined by other Game Changing speakers including:

  • Crisp Founder & CEO, best-selling author, and host of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast Michael Mogill
  • The first-ever Women Legal Leaders Panel led by growth hacker and Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp Jessica Mogill
  • Trainer to the world’s top athletes Tim Grover
  • Workplace drama expert, leadership & team culture consultant, and best-selling author Cy Wakeman
  • Journalist, best-selling author, and speaker Malcolm Gladwell
  • Social media guru, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Author, teacher, pastor, and highly-accomplished lawyer Mark Lanier

If you’re an attorney who is engaged in the business of your law firm and wants to grow as a visionary leader, empower your team, and get your firm to the next level…then the Crisp Game Changers Summit is YOUR event.
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