Meet George Foreman III, Crisp Game Changers Summit Featured Speaker

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The role of an attorney, and the reason many dedicated lawyers get out of bed every day to do what they do, is to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

The next featured speaker to join the Crisp Game Changers Summit lineup is motivated by that same why.


George Foreman III!

You may recognize his name — or perhaps the name of his father.

George “Monk” Foreman III is the son of the well-known business and boxing legend George Foreman Sr.. But the lessons George Sr. taught his son have propelled him to success of his own.

George III spent many years as a young man running his family’s nonprofit youth & community center. The youth center was a place dedicated to supporting young people, helping them turn their lives around, and keeping them off the streets and out of prison. Witnessing and having a hand in the positive impact this nonprofit had on so many lives inspired George to use his gifts to help raise others up.

After college, George III became the business manager of his father’s empire, traveling around the country and getting to know all the ins and outs of turning fame and name recognition into a successful brand.

At the age of 26, George III decided to make his own foray into professional boxing. The tables turned so that his father was training him for his debut. Everything he learned about fighting, he learned from George Sr. pushing him. His experience training at the hands of his legendary father also gave him the tools he needed to apply inside and out of the ring in order to be successful in everything he did.

The first place he implemented this wisdom was, of course, the boxing ring. Intent on proving himself, George III battled his way to an undefeated 16-0 boxing record in the three and a half years he competed. And George always left it all in the ring: 15 of his 16 fights ended in a KO or TKO.

As he was training during his boxing career, George III realized his passion was not with the fighting itself, but in training others and coaching them to reach their own highest potential. After retiring from professional boxing, George embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, successfully opening his own boxing gym in 2014. To date, his popular Everybody Fights gym has opened additional locations in Boston, New York City, Chicago, Lexington, and as of early 2019, Philadelphia as well.

From growing up ringside and seeing firsthand the effect giving back to others can have, George Foreman III learned from experience how to turn family legacy into something totally new and even wider-reaching — something inspiring. Thus, his passion for training and empowering others has also brought George to many stages as a motivational speaker.

And that’s where you come in.

You might be asking yourself, “Great for this guy, but how can a boxer possibly know anything that will help me grow my law firm?”

As you know, the Crisp Game Changers Summit is unlike legal event you’ve ever attended. Besides being the largest law firm growth conference on earth, the topics covered at the Summit are unique in their scope.

You don’t come to the Game Changers Summit to tune up your legal skills or become better solely in the courtroom. This event is designed to provide a never-before-seen, holistic approach to law firm growth.

The speakers and topics were hand-selected to offer a wide range of strategies and tools to help you grow both professionally and personally. Subject matter ranges from elite storytelling techniques, to unlocking your full potential with personal growth practices, to building a winning online brand.

These are ways to level up your law firm and further differentiate yourself from the crowd — because only the most committed and game changing attorneys are implementing these strategies.

George Foreman III, the next featured speaker to join the Crisp Game Changers Summit lineup is no exception.

You see, the #1 thing George Foreman learned from his boxing career as well as the hard knocks of the entrepreneurial journey you all know so well…is the importance of the fighter mentality.

His father trained him like a boxer, so in every aspect of life, in every struggle in his own business, George III can approach it like a boxer. He understands from firsthand experience that the entrepreneurial journey is difficult, and just about every business owner comes to a point where they should logically quit.

You all know this point. You’ve struggled financially, received “no” after “no,” rejection after rejection, failed repeatedly, and been told by those around you that you should just give up.

But you don’t quit.

Like a dedicated fighter, you push through it and keep fighting for the outcome you know you can achieve.

This is the fighter mentality.

George Foreman’s message is all about how to cultivate and feed that fighter mentality within you, and how to treat every obstacle as a true fighter treats his opponents in the ring:

Observe what is standing between you and your goal, and identify its strategy so you can counter it with your own.

At the Crisp Game Changers Summit, George will cover all this and more, teaching you the key strategies you need to master to overcome every hurdle and truly change the game in your law firm.

Join us in Atlanta this September, where George Foreman III will join the ranks of Gary Vaynerchuk, Gloria Allred, Chris Voss, Mark Lanier, Hal Elrod, and Michael Mogill at the Crisp Game Changers Summit.

This is the only legal event where you will learn how to approach your battles like a true fighter — don’t tap out now.

Head to now to secure your seat. This event will sell out!