Meet Cy Wakeman: 2020 Game Changers Summit Featured Speaker

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Your law firm is only as strong as its weakest link.

That’s why it’s so important to develop a firm culture that empowers your team to add value, tackle change with resilience, and reach their fullest potential.

But how can law firm owners accomplish this?

According to workplace drama expert, leadership & team culture consultant, and bestselling author Cy Wakeman, you should start by addressing drama within your law firm.

Research from her organization, Reality-Based Leadership, uncovered that the average employee wastes 2.5 hours a day on unproductive activities like gossiping, tattling, withholding buy-in, resisting change, and stepping down from accountability.

For a law firm with just 10 employees, that’s over 500 payroll hours wasted on drama each month!

If you’ve noticed any of these issues plaguing your law firm, then you don’t want to miss this year’s Crisp Game Changers Summit.

Cy Wakeman will take the stage to share how her counter-intuitive, reality-based leadership philosophy can help you develop a drama-free law firm culture that celebrates innovation, embraces change, and drives phenomenal results.

Who is Cy Wakeman?

Known as the “secret weapon to restoring sanity to the workplace,” Cy Wakeman is a drama researcher and global thought leader with over 20 years of unparalleled experience.

As the President & Founder of Reality-Based Leadership, she spearheads programs that train professionals in leadership development, speaking, and training. Her organization also publishes unconventional tools and leadership programs that teach business leaders how to diffuse drama in the workplace.

Wakeman’s leadership strategies center around returning leadership to leaders and productivity to businesses. She’s helped professionals from many well-known organizations, including Google, Facebook, NASA, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, learn how to navigate our rapidly changing world using good mental processes that harness the energy wasted in workplace drama and transfers it into business results.

In addition to traveling internationally as a leadership & team culture consultant, Wakeman is an accomplished writer. She’s penned three influential books, including the New York Times best-seller, No Ego: How to Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results. Wakeman is also a regular contributor on,, The Huffington Post, and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global.

Additionally, she hosts her own No Ego podcast, a Facebook Watch show called Life’s Messy, Live Happy, and adds weekly video content on YouTube to address the biggest challenges leaders face in the workplace.

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What Cy Wakeman Will Bring to the Crisp Game Changers Summit

Drama blocks many businesses from achieving greatness — and law firms are no exception. That’s why Cy Wakeman is on a mission to eliminate workplace drama once and for all.

Wakeman will join us at the 2020 Game Changers Summit to show ambitious law firm owners exactly how to step into the power they already have and lead their teams more effectively.

If your firm’s culture allows for wasteful habits like gossiping, tattling, withholding buy-in, resisting change, and stepping down from accountability, then you’re not achieving the business growth that you could be.

Wakeman’s exclusive tools and techniques will help you eliminate drama among your team and focus on driving meaningful business results. Her no-drama philosophy will also trickle over into your personal life and help you become a more peaceful and productive person overall.

If you want to learn how to “ditch the drama” so you can focus on working on your law firm instead of in your law firm, lock in your spot for this must-see event at today. This event WILL sell out!


About the Crisp Game Changers Summit

It’s a fact. Law school didn’t teach you to be an entrepreneur. But that’s exactly what you are as a law firm owner. That’s why every year since the inaugural Game Changers Summit in 2018, over 1,000 of the nation’s most ambitious attorneys descend upon Atlanta, Georgia to learn what’s new, what’s next, and what’s actually working to grow a law firm.

Featured speakers from David Goggins, Judy Smith, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Voss, Hal Elrod, and many more have electrified Summit audiences the past two years, and 2020 promises to be bigger and better than ever!

If you’re an attorney who is engaged in the business of your law firm and wants to grow as a visionary leader, empower your team, and get your firm to the next level…the Crisp Game Changers Summit is YOUR event.

The Game Changers Summit is two days packed with the best speakers, sessions, and takeaways from industry experts (and a few celebrities) that have generated massive impact for thousands of individuals and businesses.

We take a holistic approach to law firm growth. So rather than focusing on how to improve your skills solely in the courtroom, the Game Changers Summit is the place to learn how the nation’s most successful law firms (and businesses) build the most efficient and results-driven teams, attract the best clients, and unlock unprecedented growth.