Leading through Adversity: Generating Positive PR During Moments of Crisis

Now more than ever, doing more to support your clients, your team, and your community will pay dividends in the future — both for those you directly impact and for the public perception of your law firm.

But how do you get the PR you need to spotlight the great work you’re doing?

Cameron Herold has helped companies around the globe achieve exponential growth as a top business consultant, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker. In this exclusive digital presentation, Cameron shares the valuable insights and knowledge that has earned him the title of “The Business Growth Guru.”

Throughout his successful career, Cameron has:

  • Built not one, but TWO $100 million companies by age 35
  • Landed over 5,200 media placements for his companies, including coverage on Oprah
  • Written multiple best-selling books such as The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs, Free PR, and Vivid Vision

In this jam-packed online workshop, Cameron details numerous tactical strategies to market your firm during COVID-19 and beyond.

To access notes covering all the key takeaways from this workshop, click here to download.