Emerging Marketing Trends in the Legal Industry: A Q&A with Consultwebs


Which legal marketing trends are here to stay, and which will be replaced by the “next big thing”? It’s a question every law firm owner has to ponder, especially if they want to stay in front of the competition and at the top of their respective markets.

If you want to find out which legal marketing trends are actually worth the investment, and which are just a passing trend, then join us for an on-demand webinar with Consultwebs, a premier online marketing firm for attorneys.

We’ll be taking a look at some of the current most popular legal trends (Google My Business, anyone?) and having a no-holds-barred discussion on whether or not they’ll actually make an impact on your bottom line.

This Q&A covers:

  • A discussion on which legal marketing trends will actually make an impact on your bottom line
  • Our predictions for what legal marketing trends will rise in popularity in coming months
  • Expert advice on how to leverage the latest marketing innovations in your law firm
  • Common mistakes attorneys make when trying new marketing strategies

… and so much more!

After the webinar, head here to download our exclusive eBookThe Facebook Ad Targeting Guide for Law Firms.

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