5 Ways Attorneys Attract Better Cases With Storytelling

On-Demand Webinar: 5 Ways Attorneys Attract Better Cases With Storytelling

Let’s face it — if you’re not using video to connect with potential clients and promote your law firm, you’re losing money to attorneys who are.

In this free jam-packed webinar Crisp President, Michael Mogill, shows you how to create legal video content that effectively resonates with viewers, attracts new clients, and drives high-value cases.

In this 45-minute legal marketing webinar, you will learn:

  • 4 critical emotions that drive potential clients to make hiring decisions
  • How to set your firm apart from the masses with legal video
  • How to use storytelling in video to land better cases and increase new client conversions by up to 300%
  • The research behind video quality and brand image as it impacts attorneys
  • How to leverage the power of storytelling in video to increase your average case values by up to 10x

Video storytelling allows you to establish an emotional connection, build trust and rapport, communicate knowledge, and inspire action all within a few short minutes. Can you name another piece of marketing content that boasts the same effectiveness?

Whether you’re goal is to attract more clients, target specific types of cases, branch into new client segments, or a mixture of these strategies the tips and tactics this webinar will help you utilize your law firm’s unique story to stand out from the 1.3 million attorneys currently practicing in the United States today.

P.S. Follow the link at the end of this webinar for an exclusive free download of our Legal Video Marketing Storytelling Blueprint. This free Blueprint will help you identify the ideal potential clients and cases for your firm as well as craft your law firm’s message to resonate specifically with your perfect audience.

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