Meet the Crisp Game Changer’s Summit Legal Industry Veterans Panel

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Who do you trust to give you reliable guidance and proven strategies for growing your law firm, improving your practice, and elevating your game?

I’ll bet it’s not just anybody.

Like most law firm owners, I bet your go-to resources include successful attorneys that have done it before you, experts in the realm of law firm growth, and industry authorities that have been helping law firms scale their practices for decades.

So the largest law firm growth conference is bringing together an unbelievable panel of industry veterans to share their experiences, reflect on how the legal industry has changed — and how to keep up.

We’re excited to announce the Legal Industry Veterans Panel, to be featured on the Crisp Game Changers Summit stage in Atlanta this September.



Getting all these game changers onto one panel was no easy feat, and the insights they bring to the table are second to none. From the latest in legal digital marketing, to improving intake, to all the best tactics for case management, the Legal Industry Veterans Panel has all your bases covered.

Here’s who’s in the lineup:

harlanschillinger Harlan Schillinger – Legal Marketing Expert and Panel Moderator
Chris-Mullins Chris Mullins – Founder & Intake Specialist at Law Firm Conversions™
randy-kessler Randy Kessler – Legendary Family Law Attorney at Kessler & Solomiany Family Law Attorneys
Chris O'Brien Circle Chris O’Brien – President & CEO of Captorra
tanner-jones Tanner Jones – Vice President of Business Development at Consultwebs
Seth Price Circle Seth Price – Managing Partner of Price Benowitz LLP and CEO of BluShark Digital

These panelists have seen it all, and they’ve DONE it for hundreds of law firms. The growth insights shared on this panel will be holistic, far reaching, and unlike any legal event you’ve been to before.

Here’s a taste of their background, experience, and expertise:

  • Harlan Schillinger – With four decades of experience, Panel Moderator Harlan Schillinger has demonstrated his passion for legal marketing, intake, and conversion by helping more than 120 law firms in over 98 US markets up their legal advertising game. He consults with attorneys looking to grow their businesses and streamline their law firms. And at the Crisp Game Changers Summit, Harlan will be reining in the points and personalities of the rest of the Legal Industry Veterans Panelists.
  • Chris Mullins – Founder of Law Firm Conversions and proven intake specialist, Chris Mullins is truly the Queen of Intake. More than 30 years of training law firms on how to convert more prospects into profitable clients have earned Chris her expert status — and taught her a thing or two along the way. Chris created Law Firm Conversions because “Great Marketing is Not Enough When Your Prospects Don’t Convert.” Close those bottom-funnel prospects like a champ with Chris’s expertise.
  • Randy Kessler – Legendary Family Law Attorney at Kessler & Solomiany Family Law Attorneys, a 30 person family law firm in Atlanta. Kessler is also the author of numerous books on family law, including Divorce: Protect Yourself, Your Kids and Your Future, The GA Library of Family Law Forms, and How to Mediate a Divorce. He teaches Family Law Litigation at Emory School of Law and is the former Chair of the Family Law Sections of the American Bar Association and the State Bar of Georgia. Also considered a LinkedIn “influencer” with over 425,000 followers, Kessler has a large audience of engaged attorneys and industry leaders, frequently appears as an on-air contributor for national media outlets such as Fox News, CNN, NBC, and others.
  • Chris O’Brien – President & CEO of Captorra, Chris O’Brien knows what it takes to develop effective case intake and lead conversion practices. Heck, his company creates software for that very purpose. As the legal industry has evolved, so have best practices and the tools and resources used to manage common law firm processes. Chris has kept up with them all and will give Game Changer Summit attendees a taste of what the future of intake & conversion software looks like.
  • Tanner Jones – As Vice President of Business Development at Consultwebs, Tanner Jones has all the knowledge on how a strong web presence can make all the difference for a law firm in today’s highly competitive market. A big part of Tanner’s job is aligning the business needs of law firm clients with strategic goals for meeting them. On the Legal Industry Veterans Panel, his wealth of experience will bring unique perspectives to the questions facing today’s law firms.
  • Seth Price – With firsthand experience scaling a 2-person law firm to 32 lawyers in less than a decade, Seth Price understands law firm growth from both ends of the spectrum. As Managing Partner of Price Benowitz LLP and CEO of BluShark Digital, Seth has made it his mission to keep up with all the most cutting-edge marketing techniques to provide legal clients results-driven, innovative solutions to common growth challenges.


Catch all the experience and wisdom being brought together on the Legal Industry Veterans Panel at the Crisp Game Changers Summit in Atlanta September 27-28.

There’s nowhere else you can experience the combination of insights on law firm growth, marketing, and develop than here…

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