Lawyer Video Marketing Success Story: The Watson Firm

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In this installment of our legal video marketing success stories, we sat down with Personal Injury Attorney Aaron Watson, owner of The Watson Firm, to discuss the growth of his law firm, his decision to invest in videos with Crisp, and the results he’s seen after implementing his videos.

Attorney Aaron Watson recently started his own firm and has since made a massive impact in the local community through his law practice. A Florida native, Aaron prides himself on his ability to make a positive impact in the lives of the clients he represents while also donating ample time to serving his community.

Aaron Watson credits his award-winning style of advocacy to his church background and his experience listening to his father’s impassioned sermons. Locally, he has served on the board of directors for the YMCA of Northwest Florida, and as choir director for the Englewood Missionary Baptist Church. When he’s not in the courtroom, he enjoys mentoring and public speaking at local colleges, high schools, and churches.

When Aaron approached Crisp, he wanted to create a product that would set himself apart from the larger firms in his market while generating new business for his young firm. In fact, Aaron produced a video with Crisp before he even opened the doors of the new firm.

Here’s what Aaron has to say about his experience with Crisp:

Describe your firm in 2-3 sentences.

The Watson Firm is a personal injury law firm that handles personal injury cases such as car and truck accidents, premises liability, discrimination, civil rights, and products liability. We’re based out of Pensacola, FL.

Why did you decide to produce a video for your firm? What problem/challenge were you looking to solve or improve?

I believe that I have a unique story that sets me apart from other lawyers, and I found that video was the best way to tell that story on both TV and the internet.

I left a large law firm to start my own firm. At the previous firm, I was in charge of handling all marketing. This gave me insight into the importance of branding and leaving a strong impression. If the quality of your video advertising is not as good as or better than your competitors, you are not leaving your best impression on potential clients.

There are a number of legal video companies out there, why did you choose to produce your video(s) with Crisp Video Group?

I came across Crisp Video Group on Facebook and saw what they were capable of producing. I remember watching one of their videos and thinking to myself, “That was a damn good video.”

I had never seen a legal video company focus on the individual lawyer’s story. The video was, for lack of a better word, Crisp. It was high-quality, compelling, and it made the lawyer look good.

Where were you at with your business one year ago vs. one year later? 

Within two weeks of putting our video online, we had collected more than 100,000 views.

More than 100,000 people watched that video. I then asked Crisp to produce a 30-second version of my legal brand video as well, which we now use on TV as a commercial for my law firm.

It goes without saying that our clientele increased substantially. We had a healthy volume of cases before the video, and we have an even larger caseload now. I attribute that growth to my Crisp video.

How has your video content impacted your firm?

My video allows potential clients to see me as a person. They learn about my background, my family, and my success in the courtroom. Clients feel like they know me before they enter our office. The video is the first thing that potential clients see when they go to our website. I believe the video helps to cut through the legal jargon on your website and allows visitors to get to know you as a human being, not just as an attorney that provides legal services.

The Watson Firm Legal Video Marketing

Can you put a monetary value/estimate on the impact your videos have directly or indirectly made on your firm (in terms of new clients/cases/attorney fees/% change)?

In personal injury practice, one case can change your entire year. My videos have brought in cases that have proven to be very lucrative for my firm, and have resulted in a significant ROI. 

How do you compare in terms of size/market share/resources/marketing budget with your competition?

I am a small solo firm. I compete with local firms with 20+ lawyers, and my videos help me do that.

What concerns/hesitations did you have leading up to this decision? Did you have any doubts about making the right choice?

The only concern I had was about price, but once I saw the final product, I knew it was money well spent.

I actually hired Crisp before I opened the doors of my new law firm.  I wanted to hit the legal scene with a bang. And a bang it was!

What would you rank as the top 3 investments you’ve made in your firm?

  1. Crisp Video Group
  2. TV advertisements
  3. Internet marketing

What is the best decision you’ve ever made for your firm?

Advertising in general. In order to compete, you must stay relevant. People have to see you. Budgeting for advertising is crucial.

The Watson Firm Legal Video Marketing

What advice would you give to attorneys struggling to differentiate themselves and grow their legal practice?

Do something different. Nowadays with technology, you can compete with your competitors for a relatively low cost. Videos ads, Google ads, and social media ads allow firms to reach consumers without the expense of paying for a TV commercial or radio spot.

What would you say to an attorney who believes that professional video marketing is “too expensive” or is doubtful of the value/impact it would make on their firm?

If your video brings one good case in the door, that case will pay for the expense of the video. It’s really a no-brainer.

Why did your clients choose you over any other attorney/law firm?

We’ve established a solid reputation in our community. All of our advertisements look, in my opinion, better than even our larger competitors – and they allow us to stand apart from the larger firms in my market. As they say, your first impression is your only impression.

Do you believe the “why” (why you do what you do) is more important than the “what” when it comes to attorneys growing their business and marketing their firm? 

The “Why?” allows people to relate to you and see you as a real person. The “What?” is cliche and places you in the same category as every other lawyer in your market.

What the best part of owning your own law firm? And, what’s the biggest challenge?

I like the fact that I can tap into my creativity without having to run it up the ladder. I called Crisp the other day and said I had a great idea for a Christmas commercial. We put our heads together and produced one of the best holiday ads for a law firm that I’ve ever ever seen.

What are some of the biggest challenges that you run into on a day-to-day basis?

The balancing act. As a law firm owner, you have to balance lawyering, managing, marketing, and your personal life.

It can be done. It’s not always easy, but there’s always a way.

What piece of advice do you wish you would have been given when you first started your law firm?

I read books and called several colleagues that started their own firm. I received all of the advice I needed prior to opening my doors. I would encourage any attorney to do the same if they’re considering the possibility of opening their own law firm.

The Watson Firm Legal Video Marketing

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about your law firm or your video?

I came from a large firm that marketed extensively. I understood the importance of marketing.

If you want to compete for the big cases, you must stand out and stay relevant. If the potential client cannot remember your name when an incident occurs, you lose cases to the attorney whose name they can remember.