Join Renowned Leadership Expert John Maxwell at Exclusive Pre-EVOLVE Session on May 20th

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Whether you run a law firm as owner, lead a team within a firm, or are looking to lead by example in any other role in your organization, consciously developing your leadership skills is crucial.

That’s why we’re bringing in the best of the best to speak on leadership for the EVOLVE Summit — but you don’t have to wait for the official EVOLVE Summit on June 24-25 to get these powerful, timeless tools.

Don’t miss the newest BONUS session only for EVOLVE Summit registrants: an exclusive dial-in with the one and only John Maxwell on May 20th at 3 PM ET.

  1. Who is John Maxwell?
  2. What is John Maxwell Known For?
  3. What’s Happening on May 20th?

Who is John Maxwell?

John Maxwell is a lot of things. He’s an author with over 100 books under his name — including a few New York Times #1 Best Sellers. He’s also one of the world’s leading personal growth keynote speakers. And he’s connected with everyone from local church leaders to Fortune 500 CEOs on his quest to spark meaningful personal growth.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

John spent his youth following his father’s footsteps into ministry work. He was head of multiple churches — including congregations in Ohio, California, Illinois, and Florida. After 14 years in the ministry, he left to pursue his passion — empowering others with personal growth and leadership skills.’

Out of all of the world’s foremost leadership experts (which there are plenty of), there’s no one like John Maxwell. He’s consistent, prolific, and certainly engaging.

What is John Maxwell Known For?

John Maxwell is the world’s foremost expert on leadership. He shares his wealth of knowledge via books, presentations, sold-out speaking engagements, and other programs.

He’s written what is essentially a full library of books, including unforgettable titles like:

To date, Maxwell has sold over 30 million books that have been translated to over 50 different languages.

Maxwell regularly speaks on subjects like leading an intentional life, becoming a self-leader, and even creating a life of significance. And these aren’t small-time talks. Inc. and Business Insider both call him the world’s most influential leadership speaker.

He brings his A-game and amazing charisma to every event, giving fresh advice and life-changing strategies along the way.

What’s Happening on May 20th?

Consider this the first EVOLVE Summit session — and you get to tap into it EARLY.

John Maxwell is going live with EVOLVE Summit attendees at 3 PM ET on Thursday, May 20th to deliver a powerful punch directed solely toward the legal industry. This will be part earth-shattering keynote, part live interactive call with this leadership legend.

You have the opportunity to join a live session with Maxwell and thousands of other attorneys and legal professionals to learn all about what it takes to become the leader your organization needs, make your mission more meaningful, and ultimately change your life and the lives of those around you.

Note: This is a CLOSED SESSION only available to EVOLVE Summit ticket holders.

So if you’ve got your tickets already, congratulations! Just block your calendar for 3 PM ET on Thursday, May 20th and check your email for the instructions on accessing the session.

If you don’t already have your EVOLVE tickets, you’re about to miss out on an unbelievable experience. Unless you run to to lock in your spot now.