Is the Game Changers Summit Right For You?

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The top law firms in the country already know where they’re heading November 2-3, 2022. They’ll be on the field of the iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA for the #1 Law Firm Growth Conference in the world — the Game Changers Summit 2022.

But how do you know if YOU should be one of the 5,000 attorneys in attendance this fall?

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

As the Summit grows year over year, new law firm owners are constantly added to the mix. While motivations vary, here are some common challenges attendees come to the conference looking to solve:

  • You have a growing team, but struggle to make strong hiring decisions.
  • You bring in a trickle of new clients, but are still relying on outdated processes that put a bottleneck on growth and don’t provide those clients a world-class experience.
  • You’re experiencing growth, but are so bogged down in the day-to-day that you can’t even begin to think strategically about the future of your firm.
  • You struggle with inconsistent cash flow and can’t seem to make the numbers add up from month to month.
  • You have poured thousands of hours into books, resources, and other legal conferences only to be let down by traditional thinking that just doesn’t work in today’s legal market.

Those that make the decision to attend the Game Changers Summit walk away with a guaranteed minimum of $1,000,000 in actionable value and return to their firms ready to solve these problems and get on the path to unreasonable growth.


What does actionable value look like?

Every legal conference is going to promise value. Here’s what it really looks like to deliver.

If any of the challenges listed above sound like you, the Game Changers Summit 2022 is right for you.

Read on to discover the top three additional indicators that you need to be on the field of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on November 2-3. If ANY of these three get your heart pounding, book that ticket ASAP — you’ll want to lock in your spot immediately.


The Legal Industry’s Best Networking

Growth doesn’t happen alone. Connecting with the right people who share your ambitious drive for growth is key.

The Game Changers Summit is the best networking event in the legal industry with 5,000+ leaders of the fastest growing law firms in the country.

These leaders come from every practice area and every market, from $500,000 in annual revenue to over $100M. You’ll learn from those who’ve been where you want to go and develop the partnerships that push you and your firm to the next level.

Just imagine: One powerful new referral partner could lead to hundreds of new cases for your law firm. The only place to meet them is on the field of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on November 2-3.

Game Changers Summit 3


Transformational Content from Top-Tier Speakers Inside and Outside the Industry

At the Game Changers Summit 2022, you’ll meet A-list celebrities, legal legends, and industry experts from the nation’s top law firms.

But it’s more than just a fiery pep talk from motivational speakers. You’ll also hear from renowned industry experts from the nation’s top law firms.

You’ll walk away from this once-in-a-lifetime event with actionable strategies you can immediately implement to have dozens of new cases lined up outside your door.

We’re bringing you the best of the best to share their secret strategies for gaining a huge daily survey of new clients and high-value cases:

Arnold Schwarzenegger (elite bodybuilder, actor, producer, and former governor) on turning vision into reality by overcoming every obstacle.

Kevin O’Leary (entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist, “Shark” of ABC’s Shark Tank) on creating value in your law firm to differentiate and attract new investors.

John Morgan (founder of the largest injury firm in America, Morgan & Morgan) on building a recession-proof law firm of the future.

David Goggins (best-selling author, former Navy SEAL, elite endurance athlete) on hardening your mind, building resilience, and cultivating the mental fortitude to push past every barrier.

Cy Wakeman (workplace drama & leadership expert, best-selling author) on eliminating workplace drama, improving your firm’s culture, and leveling up your leadership.

Laura Wasser (entrepreneur, elite divorce attorney) on how to attract the best clients and get the most exclusive cases.

Joe Fried (renowned trucking lawyer) on finding your niche and positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Jan Dils (leader of the largest female-founded law firm in America) on the power of betting on yourself and going all-in.

John Uustal (nationally-recognized trial lawyer) on leaving a positive legacy by taking on the “unwinnable” and holding corporations accountable to improve consumer safety.

Jessica Mogill (Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp, who’s trained 1,000+ businesses nationwide) on fostering communication and collaboration with your team to build the most productive environment within your firm.

Michael Mogill (Founder & CEO of Crisp, best-selling author, law firm growth expert) on what the most successful firms in the nations are doing right now to grow their practice.

Eric Chaffin (Personal Injury and Mass Tort Attorney) on building a successful practice around a single motto: “Doing Good by Doing Right.”

Jesse Cole (Marketing Magician and Owner of the Savannah Bananas) on how to separate yourself from the competition and provide a frictionless client experience.

Game Changers Summit lineup


Next-Level VIP Event Experience

For the Game Changers Summit 2022, attendees are taking over the only venue in Atlanta big enough to accommodate them: the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

To give you the absolute best experience, we’re not putting you in the stands. You’ll be taking the field in style.

Select ticket holders are also invited to Crisp HQ on Night 1 for an ultra-exclusive VIP party and the chance to get face-to-face with growth leaders, celebrities, and a few surprise guests. For Night 2, Summit attendees will experience a private concert with Grammy-winning group Boyz II Men.

Oh, and one lucky ticket holder is driving away with something more: the highly sought-after Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

To be entered, all you have to do is get your ticket today.


If you made it this far and you’re still wondering if the Game Changers Summit is right for you, ask yourself this:

Are you scared of the future of the industry?

Or are you creating it?