How to Reserve Your Game Changers Summit Spot (and more!)

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Transformational growth can be daunting…but locking in a Summit ticket doesn’t need to be.

That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to secure your spot for the Crisp Game Changers Summit 3 coming to Atlanta, GA on November 5-6, 2021!

Before you proceed, let’s make sure you’re fully clear on what the Game Changers Summit is and for whom it’s intended. Could it be you?

Is the Game Changers Summit for Me?

We’ve written blogs and social posts and podcast ads and emails and emails and emails and a few more emails about the upcoming Game Changers Summit. Chances are you’ve probably come across some sort of communication already, so we’ll keep this brief. Here’s all you need to know in under 30 words.

Summit good! Atlanta. November. 2,500+ law firm owners. Actionable insights. Unforgettable connections. Next-level experience. Malcolm Gladwell. Gary Vaynerchuk. Badass. Increase revenue! Firm growth. Meals provided! Tickets running out.


In case that comprehensive rundown left you with any questions, let’s take a look at the one and only Game Changers Summit website to learn more, and then we’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know and do to lock in your spot while tickets last.


How to Get My Summit Ticket

Your fantastical journey through your ticket purchase begins with accessing the website. You can go about it two different ways:

  1. Find your browser’s address bar and type in and hit enter. That’s it! No “http” or “www” necessary. You will find that we prioritize you and your time.
  2. Click here.

You should now see this page.

As you scroll through, you may find yourself experiencing a bit of sensory overload and feel the urge to close out, but we highly encourage you to stay on and march on with the transaction.

Now that you’re on the page, you must be downright giddy to get your ticket, but you may not know exactly where to go to begin the purchasing process.

Don’t you fret.

Per our latest calculations, there are approximately 13 buttons on this webpage that will lead you to the promised land (the one on the top right follows you no matter where you scroll, essentially a button version of glitter). Just look out for any big red buttons that say “REGISTER” or “GET TICKETS” and take your pick! We promise that each button is equally effective. Make your choice, or simply scroll down a bit and you’ll see this:

At this point, it’s time to make a tough decision (and we thought deciding which Register/Get Tickets button to click was frustrating): which ticket type to select?

Here’s what we’re working with:

General Admission:

The most basic access. It includes:

  • General seating to see and hear the speakers
  • Breakfast and lunch BOTH days
  • Happy hour access, for sipping libations as you network
  • Workbook for taking diligent notes, engaging with the speakers, and perhaps writing down a new connection’s contact info
  • Free mystery gift!

VIP Admission:

This includes everything in General Admission, with a few shiny improvements:

  • Upgraded Seating
  • Free VIP mystery gift!

Premier Admission:

The Mercedes of Game Changers Summit tickets. Take everything from VIP with some MAJOR added benefits:

  • Premium Front-Row Seating
  • Free Premium mystery gift
  • Private Meet & Greet and professional photos with the keynote speakers!

Premier is the obvious choice in our eyes, but choose whichever is right for your firm and you can’t miss either way.

Once you have made the call about which ticket is your best bet, it’s showtime!

Grab your MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, or Discover card and decide if you’re getting 1 or 2 seats. If you have a promo code, apply it and then hit “Order Now.” (If you don’t have a promo code, read to the end of this post and we’ll give you one for 50% off).


The Moment of Truth

As soon as you hit “Order Now,” it’s a race against the clock.

You have 15 minutes to complete your registration. Pay no concern because the following inputs should require no more than 10, as long as you are not on a mad dash for your credit car. (Psst…if it isn’t in your wallet, check the pockets of the last pair of pants you wore.)

Let’s work together to help you avoid this humiliating sight.

Here’s the initial screen you should see:

First, enter that credit card information, complete with expiration date and CVC (all eCommerce platforms typically lay out what this is and where it lives, so we’ll do the same. On MasterCard, Visa, and Discover it’s the three-digit number on the back and on AmEx it’s the four numbers up front).

Then, enter your First Name. This is generally the name that your friends or acquaintances use while addressing you. If you’re drawing a blank, consult your nearest form of ID and note the first name listed. For example, if your name is “Atticus Finch,” your first name is “Atticus.”

Next up is your Last Name. You most likely share this name with those whom you grew up with, such as a sibling or parent, so think about your family and see if there is a common name among them. Feel free to once again consult the ID. To return to the prior example, if your name is “Atticus Finch,” then “Finch” is your last name.

Now it’s time to put in your email address, generally in the format of [email protected], such as [email protected].

Below that, you will input your billing information. This is the address affiliated with your credit card of choice.

Scroll down further and you will see this screen:

It’s now time to enter your ticket holder details. If you’re buying a ticket for yourself, we’ve included the handy feature of letting you reuse the above data. If you’re registering someone else, we nominate you for Best Gift-Giver!

If you’re entering the information from scratch, see the above guide for the relevant categories. Here’s what you need to know for the remaining sections:

You’ll be presented with a robust list of Prefix options. Here’s your thorough guide to which one best applies to you:

  • Mr – reserved for men, regardless of marital status, unless they have earned additional credentials, which are covered below.
  • Mrs – used for married women.
  • Ms – generally applies to non-married women.
  • Miss – (Editor’s note: I scoured the Internet and couldn’t find a conclusive difference between “Ms” and “Miss” besides that older women prefer “Ms” and “Miss” is generally reserved for children. Unless you’re some sort of legal prodigy and are indeed a child, feel free to select this option.)
  • Dr – saved for medical doctors or those who earned a PhD. Considering you are an attorney, we’d imagine you’re likely in the latter category and so should not volunteer if somebody in a group setting asks if there’s a doctor present.
  • Prof – this title applies to professors at accredited universities, unless they choose to be referred to as “Dr.”
  • Rev – this is exclusively used for all men or women ordained by the clergy.
  • Mx – this honorific applies to those who do not identify with a gender.

Now that we have sorted out the question of prefixes, we’re going back to basics for the last set of new info to enter.

First, enter the company name as well as website of the attendee’s law firm.

Then, put in the best location at which you can receive gifts and other fun items. This includes the street address, city, state, and zip code.

Finally, it’s time to check the box acknowledging that you agree to the End User Terms and Privacy Policy. Nobody reads these, but considering you are indeed an attorney, all bets are off. Do you really think we’d try putting in any funny business in an agreement meant for forward-thinking leaders in the legal industry? It’s all pretty standard stuff, like letting us use your info to assist you in a customer service capacity, run your credit card, and repossess your first-born child (kidding!)

Once you select this box, hit Order Now and you’ve officially crossed the finish line.

Voila! You are now going to the Game Changers Summit!

If you aren’t local to the Atlanta area, now is the time to book your flight and hotel room in our reserved block at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis!

In Conclusion

Congratulations! You just took the first step to take your law firm to the next level.

You may be experiencing a wide array of emotions, from giddiness to apprehension to hunger, but the boldest endeavors rarely elicit a simple response.

We can’t control how you feel, but what we can do is tell you that incredible things are on the horizon for you and your law firm.

And it all begins at the Game Changers Summit.

As promised: enter code “EASY” for 50% off any ticket type and save up to $4,000 on your purchase!