How to Create Powerful Legal Videos with Crisp Video Group

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So, you’ve decided on video marketing to drive engagement and attract new cases for your law firm, but what is the next step? Producing high-quality legal videos generally lies outside of the skill set for most attorneys (no offense, you wouldn’t want us representing you in a legal case either), and choosing the right firm to partner with can be a tricky task.

Here at Crisp Video Group we pride ourselves not only in the quality and results that our video content drives, but the overall experience of working with us as a true partner.

Our two packages (legal brand videos and Pulse by Crisp) reflect two overarching goals: creating awareness to increase qualified traffic and driving conversions for your firm. They are geared toward returning results, and we work with you to ensure that your video marketing goals are achieved.

Our brand videos increase conversions by presenting your firm’s benefits and forming an emotional connection with potential clients. They include a firm overview, client testimonials and highlight your unique value proposition to differentiate your practice.

Pulse by Crisp is an year-long, 26-video campaign that targets both goals. The first piece of Pulse is the brand video. This is the video that will convert your traffic into qualified leads and clients (did you know that including a high-quality brand video on your website has been shown to increase conversions by 300%?).

Client Website Analytics Two Months After Pulse Campaign Implementation


The next piece of Pulse is FAQ and educational videos. FAQ videos drive traffic to your website so that they can turn into leads. We do extensive localized keyword research before we begin the production phase in order to know exactly what keywords and questions your potential clients are researching – this provides you with content that speaks directly to what they’re looking for.


We handle all of the implementation for your video content to achieve the greatest results for your firm, this includes: planning/filming/editing, setting up your YouTube channel, uploading video content, providing content for the blog posts that tie in with your video content, search engine optimization for all video content, search engine optimization for blog posts, etc.

Properly optimized video content can index and rank from multiple sources including 1) YouTube, 2) your website and 3) blog posts – this increases visibility and your overall ability to attract new clients. Here is one example of the results that one of our clients, Payer & Associates, has seen after the first month of their Pulse campaign:

legal videos

Throughout the entire process we’re 100% transparent with how we do things, what to expect and how everything works from start to finish. We’ll even let you talk to any client that we’ve ever worked with to see how their experience was. Why? Because that’s good business.

Creating video content for your firm shouldn’t be a daunting experience, and with us, it isn’t. Here’s a deeper look into our process.

Determine Your Needs and Concept


The first step to producing effective, high-quality video content for your firm is to set up a free legal video marketing consultation to determine your unique needs. After signing up for your legal video consult, we schedule an in-depth call with you to learn more about your firm and discuss your marketing and growth goals.

Once we gain a deep understanding of your firm we work closely with you to develop your video concept, creating a storyboard and script that you’ll love. We handle 100% of the creative if you’d prefer to be hands-off (we know that you’re running a law firm after all), or you can be as intimately involved in the creative process as you’d like – the choice is yours.

You will receive a dedicated project manager for your project, and that individual will guide you through the entire process.

After working with hundreds of clients over the years, we have the comprehensive knowledge and expertise to not only create video content that looks incredible, but video content that drives results and value for your firm. We will never move forward with a video until we feel you get the most value for your investment.

Preparation and Production

Legal Videos

After you approve the storyboard and script, our production team starts preparation for your shoot. We determine what equipment is needed, travel to your location and begin filming! We bring all of the necessary equipment and can film on both weekdays and weekends to work around your schedule.

Our crew is professional and courteous (we consistently receive rave reviews from our clients), and we work hand-in-hand with you on filming day to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Review and Delivery

legal videos

The editing process begins as soon as filming ends. We meticulously go through your footage, adding audio and motion graphics and making sure each frame is perfect.

We stay in close communication with you during this time, sending you edits of your video for your critique and approval as we move toward the finished product. Although a lot of action happens in this step, it’s our goal to deliver your video to you in about 7 business days!

Analytics and Results

Our relationship does not end once we deliver your video to you. We help you get the maximum return on your new video by providing you with video SEO tips which will expand your online reach, helping you gain more fans, followers and clients.

We only succeed when you do, and we’re committed to helping you reach your goals.

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