How This Crisp Client is Changing the Conversation Around Divorce — and Positive Change

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Leigh Daniel, founder of Leigh Daniel Family Law in Huntsville, Alabama, is revolutionizing the way divorce and other family law cases are approached. Rather than the stereotypical negative, contentious method taken by many divorce attorneys, Leigh’s practice has always focused on positivity and compassion.

“We are a family law firm and most of our clients are divorce, child custody, or modification cases,” explains Leigh. The reason her clients choose her over any other attorney? “My positive approach and the many years of experience I have practicing law.”

Leigh started practicing law in 1994, and after working in a general practice that ended up taking a lot of divorce cases, she found her calling and shifted to focus exclusively on family law.

From the beginning, Leigh’s unique philosophy has shone through in everything her firm does. She has developed an approach represented by the letters CARE:

  • Communication with the client
  • Appropriate recommendations
  • Representation in court
  • Extended relationships

Not only do these pillars reflect the dedication and individualized attention Leigh pours into each client relationship — the underlying theme is the through-line in the firm’s holistic approach. Leigh Daniel cares about her clients, cares about their families, and pursues each case with the genuine care needed to bring about the best results.

The main reason Leigh decided to produce a video for her firm was to communicate this differentiator. “I wanted to demonstrate my philosophy when it comes to family law,” she says. The principles Leigh Daniel Family Law abides by clearly make them stand out, and communicating those principles and expressing them in an emotionally compelling way has made a notable difference in her practice.

“People know what to expect when they come in,” she elaborates. Leigh also notes that the impact her legal video efforts have made on her firm is without a doubt “worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Both revenue increase and a boost in brand recognition and the associated opportunities factor into her assessment.

Leigh was recently featured in a Forbes article entitled “7 Ways To Bring More Positivity To Your Workplace,” which accumulated enough organic shares to make it onto their female-focused mailing list.

Another exciting initiative that Leigh has spearheaded is Project Positive Change.

Carrying on her mission of making a positive impact on the world, Project Positive Change is a way for Leigh to continue to be mindful and intentional about choosing happiness while also empowering others to transform their communities.

According to the organization’s website, “Project Positive Change is a collective of heart-centered entrepreneurs connected by a vision to create positive change in the world, in individuals, in the community, and in business. We bring love and light to doing business and we want to serve the world and help people connect through their higher consciousness.”

Writers, coaches, teachers, nonprofit leaders, and industry experts in a variety of fields make up the fabric of Project Positive Change. By creating and elevating a network of intentional “Changemakers,” Leigh’s work has gone beyond impacting the lives of her divorce and family law clients and continues to spread far and wide.

Her advice for attorneys struggling to differentiate themselves is similar to the advice she would give other entrepreneurs striving to make a difference:

Set an intention…Many lawyers just show up and let business come to them. Instead, decide what you want to create and then take massive action.