How Often Should You Release New Videos? Marketing Minute #3

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Online marketers often say the more often you can release content, the better off you’ll be. But is that really true? In the case of video marketing, especially on YouTube, that isn’t always the case.

Each industry is different. So there isn’t one correct answer I can give you. But I can tell you what to look for to help make the right decision. You want to find a balance to provide enough new content to your audience to build your brand without overwhelming them. If you upload videos too often, you can get hit with what’s called “subscriber burn.”

When a new subscriber sees your videos in their feed, they can choose to watch or ignore them. If they consistently watch your videos, your channel will consistently stay at the top of their feed. But if you release so many videos that they can’t keep up, or maybe the just don’t log into YouTube often enough to see them all, your channel will start to slide down their feed. Slide down too far, and they may forget you exist!

So find that balance. Start with once or twice a week. If your subscribership is growing, you can try adding a day or two a week. Just pay attention to your analytics and your growth to help you make the correct decision for your business and your audience.