How Does Dental Video Attract More Patients?

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Today let’s talk about the buyer’s journey when it comes to choosing a dentist. A patient’s journey usually starts in the Awareness stage with a problem they need solved. Maybe they have a tooth that started hurting all of a sudden. So they go to Google, they type in a question, and they search for a solution. Once they find a suitable response, they enter the Consideration stage, and they will begin to research the practice that provided them with their answer. Finally they enter the Decision stage, where they may be ready to set an appointment, or they just need a tiny nudge.

So how do we use video marketing to make sure those patients wind up in your practice?

First, procedure videos are the most effective form of content in the Awareness stage. Educating your audience on your areas of expertise and the problems they solve can rank for questions that are usually low in competition, and having a video result will really help your practice stand out in the search engine results.

Once a patient is on your site, drive them towards a high quality dental brand video. High quality video has been shown to triple website conversion rates.

At this point, many patients will be ready to set an appointment. But if they need that final push, producing patient testimonial videos and success stories can be just the thing they need to see.