How the Game Changers Summit is Unlike Any Other Legal Conference

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Have you heard?

This might be news to you or you may already be well aware (we’re not the most tight-lipped group).

The Game Changers Summit 3 is coming to Atlanta on November 5-6!


The Summit

So what exactly is the Game Changers Summit?

We’re so glad you asked!

The Game Changers Summit 3 is the third summit we’ve hosted in-person in Atlanta, GA. Unlike the EVOLVE Virtual Summit which was online and thus aimed at every member of the law firm, the Game Changers Summit is primarily structured with law firm owners in mind.

Why law firm owners?

Because law school simply doesn’t teach ambitious attorneys how to be entrepreneurs, even though that’s exactly what law firm owners are. There is often a devastating gap as lawyers find themselves in way over their heads, having to prioritize the day-to-day management of their business with meager opportunities to practice law.

Over the years, we’ve heard from countless legal clients that they need a high-quality and trustworthy coaching presence to equip them with the tools necessary to run their law firms.

Enter the Crisp Game Changers Summit.

We hosted the very first Summit in 2018 and then upped our game in every way for the second iteration in 2019. Here’s a recap of the 2019 Game Changers Summit.

After temporarily moving our summits to the virtual world for the EVOLVE Summit in June 2021, we are ready to welcome over 2,500 of the nation’s most ambitious attorneys to Atlanta, GA to learn what’s new, what’s next, and what’s actually working to grow a law firm.

So now that we’ve tackled the “what?” let’s take a look at the “why?”

The Benefits

If our Game Changers Summit attendees could describe their experiences in one word? Take a look for yourself.




Alliterations aside, does this sound like any other legal conference you’ve heard of?

We think not.

We aren’t leaving anything in the tank as we plan out and put on the Game Changers Summit.

Here’s what you can expect when you attend:

Actionable Insights

There’s a key differentiator between your run-of-the-mill legal summit and a Crisp one. We offer ideas and strategies that can be taken back to your firm and implemented immediately.

Additionally, we take a holistic approach to law firm growth. We aren’t focused solely on helping you improve your skills in the courtroom; we want to show you how to build efficient and results-driven teams, attract the best clients, and unlock unprecedented growth.

Unforgettable Connections

With over 2,500 growth-minded lawyers, you won’t find a better networking opportunity anywhere else in the nation! These are people just like you who have been in your place, faced and overcame the same challenges you have, and who have grown their law firm to where you want yours to go.

You’ll be surrounded by a group of badasses with eyes on the same prizes: growing their organizations, impacting their communities, and pushing the legal industry fearlessly forward.

By the end of Day 2, you’ll be leaving the Game Changers Summit having met, networked, and formed strategic partnerships and friendships with legal industry leaders just like you.

Next-Level Experience

The last thing you want to do on your Friday and Saturday is watch boring PowerPoints while counting down the seconds until the cocktail hour. You’re coming to the Game Changers Summit to be challenged, energized, and aligned with your own mission, vision, and values.

What else would you expect from the largest law firm growth conference on the planet?

This unprecedented experience will take place at the luxurious Atlanta Marriott Marquis located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, allowing for an electrifying atmosphere from start to finish. In addition to the phenomenal speakers (more on them below), we will be offering a number of spontaneous giveaways as well as several other surprises along the way.

After the Game Changers Summit, you’ll be leaving with a tangible plan to strategically ramp up your firm’s marketing, to empower and align your team, to grow personally and professionally as a leader, and to grow your firm to the next level.

This is what you can expect from those two days…but what about once it’s done? Here’s how the law firms that attended the previous Game Changers Summits have made a difference in their businesses.

Data doesn’t lie.

It’s true; law firms that attended the past two Game Changers Summits had 10x the revenue growth as those that did not.

If the idea of personal and professional growth doesn’t excite you, that’s where revenue growth comes in. While we love and support nonprofits of all kinds, that was not your intended business model when you opened up your law firm. If you want to steer yourself boldly on the path to profitability, you won’t find a better opportunity than the Game Changers Summit.


Feeling doubts?

We get it. It’s an intimidating notion to completely transform your organization from the inside out based on the takeaways acquired over a jam-packed two-day experience.

But the bravest actions often begin from a place of fear.

If you’re still concerned about making this investment in your future, we’ve got you covered. That’s why we have the $100,000 Guarantee. Our CEO Michael Mogill can tell you more…

“If after attending the first full day of the Game Changers Summit, you don’t feel you received at least $100,000 of value to create growth in your law firm, come talk to me.

“I’ll not only refund your ticket, I’ll pay for your flight home.”

If travel is your concern, the Atlanta Marriott Marquis is located in the very heart of Downtown Atlanta, mere minutes away from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and with an ample collection of transportation options. Additionally, our events team would be more than happy to help get you booked in our room block.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 Delta variant and will do everything possible to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for everyone. We have a COVID-flexible refund policy should it be needed, but we are optimistic that the Summit will be in-person and magnificent.

If the past 1,000+ words haven’t made it obvious, we can hardly wait for you to experience the Game Changers Summit for yourself.

We have pulled all the stops to offer an experience that will empower you to grow as a leader, run more efficient teams, and generate transformational growth.

Are you ready?