Meet the World’s Leading Personal Growth Expert: Hal Elrod, Featured Speaker at the Crisp Game Changers Summit 2

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At times, it’s facing adversity that really brings out the best in us. That’s precisely what we can learn from hall of fame business achiever and #1 bestselling author Hal Elrod.

This charismatic young man’s life story is an exemplary illustration of how positive thinking and relentless striving towards your goal can completely transform your life forever. Creator of the game changing methods of The Miracle Morning, Hal is one of America’s top keynote speakers, a highly sought-after success coach, and a dedicated ultra-marathon runner.

Oh, and did we mention he’s also a featured speaker at the Crisp Game Changers Summit?


Hal’s life changed when he was in a horrific car accident at the age of 20. He was pronounced dead on the scene and spent 6 excruciating minutes in the clutches of fate before being miraculously revived. Due to his extensive injuries, he was told that he would never walk again. But Hal refused to let his circumstances hold him back. He defied all logic and proved everyone wrong by not only walking again, but by going all-in and becoming an ultra-marathon runner.

As impossible as it seemed at the time, Hal’s feats demonstrate that sheer force of will and unrelenting passion can get you to the pinnacles of success. In every area of life.

Who is Hal Elrod?

With his inspiring backstory and infectious attitude, Hal managed to woo the world with his bestselling debut, Taking Life Head On! This is an extraordinary tale of one young man’s will to not only survivebut thrive. His drive and passion catapulted Hal from death’s door to the hall of fame. The story he tells in Taking Life Head On! not only details his incredible personal journey, but provides actionable ways to create the life of your dreams and love every minute of it.

In the following years, Hal developed a revolutionary strategy for starting your days in a purposeful way, and he shared it with the world in yet another bestselling book. This Miracle Morning method has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives and continues to impact practitioners all around the world every day.

According to Hal, with only a few actions each morning, you can radically shift your outlook, achieve things you never thought possible, and wake up to your full potential.

In addition to living the dream and writing powerful, influential books, Hal Elrod is also an internationally recognized keynote speaker. He has spoken to crowds of all sizes and in all settings, covering topics from how to avoid mediocrity, proven ways to fast-track your personal growth, forming and sticking to life-changing positive habits, and much more.

And next, this engaging, high-energy speaker will be lighting up the stage at Crisp Game Changers Summit in September.


What Has Hal Done?

With his impressive list of accomplishments, Hal Elrod has amazed hundreds of thousands of people. Some of his most prominent achievements include:

  • Authoring The Miracle Morning, a beloved personal growth guide that has been translated more than 20 languages across the globe .
  • Being featured in numerous publications including the acclaimed Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
  • Earning a reputation as a champion sales manager for a $200-million marketing company. At age 19.
  • Creating the Best Year Ever Blueprint, which serves as an extraordinary tool to reach your full potential and change your life.
  • Hosting the wildly popular Achieve Your Goals podcast.

Hal has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, a leading resource for entrepreneurs and anybody who’s interested in learning about what’s happening in the world of business and technology.

Last but certainly not least (and likely not even last, let’s be honest), Hal is releasing his new book The Miracle Equation this year. This game-changing sequel includes secrets that are designed to change your life for the better. This is an incredibly powerful formula that Hal has been practicing himself, and now he’s finally ready to share his insight with the world this April.

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What Will Hal Bring to the Game Changers Summit Stage?

The Crisp Game Changers Summit, designed to empower and inspire ambitious attorneys, is the natural home for a speaker as captivating and growth-minded as Hal Elrod.

Hal is a successful business coach who has helped thousands of business owners turn their goals into actual metrics and tangible results. He’s here to take you on an exciting journey of personal and professional development that isn’t taught in law school.


Hal will hit the Game Changers Summit stage to give you tools and strategies to unlock your full potential. In fact, his work has been endorsed by world-renowned influencers including entrepreneur and business podcaster Pat Flynn, legendary businessman Robert Kiyosaki, and the Ambassador of Inspiration herself, Gail Lynne Goodwin. And the list goes on.

A major part of running a successful law firm involves being an effective businessperson. It requires using actionable strategies that will transform your mindset and get you on the right track – not only as an attorney, but as the leader of your firm. And that’s what Hal and the rest of our speakers at the Crisp Game Changers Summit were chosen to provide you.

Over the years, Hal has led thousands of business owners with his insights about powerful habits that have transformed their lives forever. Unlike many other personal development and business coaches, Hal has been able to cultivate a devoted worldwide following with his unique delivery and engaging message. Folks love him for his insight, relatability, and incredible personality!

Will You Be There?

Join us at the Crisp Game Changers Summit this September for an extraordinary chance to learn and bring out the best lawyer in you. Together with Hal and the rest of our highly accomplished speakers, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. See you there!