Freaks Only: How Crisp Attracts Top Talent

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Crisp Video Group is not your run-of-the-mill company. In fact, there’s a good chance that we’re decisively different than any company you’ve worked with (or at) before.

Every decision we make and every action we take at Crisp is influenced by our company’s core values. They’re the foundation upon which we hire, interact with clients, set goals, and collaborate with our teammates.

But even beyond that, there are a few key things that set Crisp apart (according to our team), and we’d like to share them with you.

1. You have the flexibility and freedom to be yourself

“At Crisp, you have the freedom to showcase your unique ability, all while collaborating with a highly creative and hard-working team. You would think that this happens at more companies, but it doesn’t. Crisp is truly a gem.” – Madison, Project Manager

Every member of the Crisp team is distinctly different from their teammates. No two people are alike, and because of that, we’re able to celebrate one another’s uniqueness every day. This allows us to broaden our perspectives, complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and discover new ways of doing things.

Everyone’s individualities are vital to Crisp’s success. Check out this video of Project Manager Audrey talking about what makes her unique.


Beyond that, we know that life happens, so we make sure that every team member has the flexibility and freedom to take care of life when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan. It’s why we offer unlimited PTO and maintain open channels of communication to ensure everyone knows they’re welcome to take care of life’s unexpected events without repercussions at work.

2. There’s not a formal hierarchy

We run a lean operation here at Crisp. When you want something done, you don’t have to run your ideas up the corporate ladder to get them approved. Our corporate ladder runs through Google Hangouts, and our average response time depends on how much pre-workout our CEO drank that morning.

We want each individual to feel empowered and motivated to make decisions and implement new initiatives, so beyond our informal structure, we have a company-wide initiative, “Engage at Crisp”, to submit ideas. Once you submit your idea, you’ll be assigned an accountability partner to make sure you move forward on it.

There’s no red tape at Crisp – just green lights.

3. We all have an unconditional growth mindset

“Everyone is different and brings something exciting to the table. I love working with such diverse, talented people.” – Kennedy, Marketing Assistant

Someone with a fixed mindset sees intelligence and ability as static givens that cannot significantly change, while talent is a trait that begets success without effort. Those with a growth mindset, however, believe intelligence and ability can be developed and improved upon over time. They also embrace challenges and recognize the effort inherent in success.

Crisp cultivates a growth mindset in every one of our team members. We don’t shy away from a challenge and we don’t give up in the face of failure. Every day is an opportunity to grow and improve.

4. We move 110 MPH

“Usually companies would take around 30 days to send a first draft of an edit, we do it in 7 to 10 days. Not only are we fast, but our quality is unlike any other in this field.” – Steven, Editor

Our edit turnaround time isn’t the only thing that moves quickly. When we say we move at 110 MPH, that’s not an understatement (but it is a metaphor). We’re no stranger to 24-hour deadlines, late nights, and early mornings. We’re fueled by coffee, caffeinated Crystal light, and the occasional Arden’s Garden Grand Slam (if you don’t know what that is, you’ll find out when you get here).

5. A strong, supportive company culture

“Crisp is different because everyone works together. Working together is important to each department’s success, so it’s nice to see that you always have someone to count on.” – Ali, Marketing Assitstant

You’d think that for a group of people who spends so much time together we wouldn’t want to hang out with one another outside of work, but that’s not the case. Crisp family time extends far beyond working hours to late nights and weekends. At work, everything is about the time. We win together and lose together, and we celebrate everyone’s small wins. It’s impossible to achieve the goals we’ve set without working as a cohesive unit, so we make sure to dedicate time to come together as a company and offer a platform to hear everyone’s ideas.

We also encourage everyone to pursue their personal goals outside of work, and make sure to celebrate that progress at the office. It’s why we cheer on Kevin’s progress in jiu jitsu, why all the ladies share the same Classpass schedule to take classes together, or only keep sugar-free coffee creamer in the fridge because we’ve got two Type 1 Diabetics in the office.

Some people may argue we spend too much time together, but we disagree. Because we wouldn’t be where we are today without all of the members of the crazy Crisp family.

So there you have it. Crisp is decisively different. If you’d like to join our family, you can view our open careers here.