Four Lessons From an Attorney Fighting Tragic Injustice in America

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While lawyers have often undergone the stereotype of being too cold, too uninvolved, or too self-involved to truly care about their clients, there are the good ones that come along and change your entire perspective of the industry as a whole.

Rex Elliott is one of those lawyers.

“I want to protect my clients and make a real difference in their lives. I left big law firms because I did not find representing faceless corporations with deep pockets fulfilling. My number one job is to protect my clients and to make sure they get the results they want.”

– Rex Elliott, Co-Founder/Owner of Cooper Elliott

On The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Rex revealed what drives him, what keeps him up at night, and what other attorneys can do to truly make a difference.

Rex Elliott

Here are the top four lessons you can learn from this game changer.

Lesson 1: Quality Reigns Supreme

As a trial lawyer with more than 30 years of complex civil litigation experience, Rex has earned numerous multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements thanks to his client-first approach.

The cases that Rex is most known for representing are some of the most harrowing and heart-wrenching — but that still doesn’t stop him from seeking justice. Despite working closely with heavy cases involving wrongful death and civil rights violations, Rex works tirelessly to ensure his clients feel supported and loved during one of the hardest times of their lives.

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“We are not a high volume practice. We carefully select our cases and when you retain Cooper Elliott, you’re not just a number. Rather, you are our priority and we will handle your legal matter as if you were a family member. You will get an empathetic voice from your first call and a team of warriors to take on your legal matter.”

– Rex Elliott

A lawyer’s job is to make their clients’ problems their own. They are meant to stand by them and be their biggest advocates — and that’s exactly what the team at Cooper Elliott has made their mission.

Lesson 2: Be a Catalyst for Change

As a fighter on the front lines of justice, Rex understands that there are things in the world that need to change permanently, regardless of whether they directly impact him, his loved ones, and his neighborhood.

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He has made it one of his core missions to speak up against — and stop — acts of senseless violence against People of Color:

“There are too many police shootings disproportionately affecting people of color — typically young African American men. What happens when that occurs is that largely the Black community gets up in arms. The point I’m making is that it is time for all of us to get angry and to get on TV and say enough is enough. No, I’m not a Black man; I’m a white man, but it should be just as outrageous for white men and white women as it is for Black men and Black women.”

– Rex Elliott

Brave attorneys like Rex willing to fight for the men, women, and families who have experienced these injustices are the ones who truly are the catalysts for change.

We can only hope their efforts will lead to permanent change in the world.

Lesson 3: Practice Law to Change the Law

Another area Rex has committed himself to is ending hazing in America — but just fighting for justice for the families affected by hazing deaths doesn’t go far enough for him.

Rex firmly believes in dismantling pledge programs marring the current Greek system altogether due to its “antiquated” and “archaic” systems. According to history, there’s been a death on a college campus every year since 1959, and it’s become his mission to end hazing by enacting preventative and punitive laws.

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“One more death on a college campus in this country is too much.”

– Rex Elliott

Rex is taking action by advocating for new laws that will prevent these tragedies from ever happening in the first place. They come with major consequences to all of those involved, including the schools themselves.

Change is coming thanks to committed law firm owners like Rex.

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Lesson 4: There’s Strength in Collaboration

Rex Elliott understands that he can’t change the world by himself, but he’s had help and support along the way from his team, his family, and the entire Crisp community. We are proud to partner with someone who’s constantly fighting for what’s right, and we know that his ceiling grows higher and higher each day.

If you want to join true game changers like Rex and the team at Cooper Elliott, consider joining them in the Crisp Coach community. Surround yourself with like-minded firm owners whose main goals are to serve others and bring justice to people all around the world.

In the meantime, we can’t wait to see where Rex goes from here — and more importantly, the lives he’ll change in the process.