Do Your Legal Videos Look Like They Belong to Your Firm’s Brand?

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Do Your Videos Look Like They Belong to You?

Videos are awesome, especially online. They show off what you can do and what you’re about. They provide an introduction and invitation to dig deeper into your brand and the content on your website. They entertain and inform while they engage, and they can be a killer element of an overall marketing strategy designed to attract more of the kinds of clients you want.

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If those videos don’t look like they belong to you and don’t give off the familiar feel of your brand, the bottom line is that they’re not doing enough for your business. Consistent branding between your videos, website, and other marketing materials is what gives everything the punch that rockets you to success.

Great Content Plus Cohesive Presentation Equals Success

Videos hold an important place in digital marketing campaigns, but they stick out like sore thumbs when they don’t look like they belong to your brand. At best, an unbranded or poorly branded video breaks immersion and interrupts the user experience. At worst, an unbranded video leaves viewers confused about who the message is from and what they’re supposed to do next.

Don’t let it happen to you. Instead, take a cue from one of our clients.

A lot of visitors to your website will beeline straight for your videos. It’s the first taste they get of your business, and it may be the only thing they really remember from your site later on.

We love the way Hupy and Abraham, S.C., leverage their videos online. Videos are a driving part of their success, and their lock on consistent branding brings it all together beautifully on their website:

They take excellent video content, add branding consistency, and incorporate those videos into their website design. The videos on their homepage and throughout their site look like they belong, and it’s a seamless experience to switch from reading to watching.

A lot of visitors to your website will beeline straight for your videos. It’s the first taste they get of your business, and it may be the only thing they really remember from your site later on. You want your brand to be part of that memory, and Hupy and Abraham have nailed the branding consistency that makes that happen.

Build a Seamless Experience From the Start

Start by creating branding guidelines for your business that include your preferences and rules for:

  • Color palettes
  • Typefaces
  • Logo and logo variations
  • Overall style and feel
  • Brand voice and message
  • Video bumpers and text overlays
  • Use of stock footage
  • Other design elements

You should also think about little details, like how people are identified in your videos and how your phone number or contact information appears on the screen. The goal is to establish a look, feel, and personality for your brand that appeals—aesthetically and emotionally—to your “perfect clients.” Build in some flexibility so that you don’t choke out creativity or shut down opportunities.

Give these guidelines to your video and marketing partners so that they can help you create a harmonious look and feel that fits right in with your website, advertisements, newsletters, and other marketing materials. It doesn’t hurt to work with a website design company that already understands video and how it should add to the user experience. Building consistently branded videos into your website design from the ground up means you get the very best from both worlds.

How to Know Your Video Branding Is Working

Your online presence is the office your potential clients walk into online. If you don’t lock down your branding on every element of your digital marketing, then you’re wasting your investment in your videos, website, and other digital assets.

That being said, tracking and measuring video effectiveness can be rough. Getting your hands on the hard data really depends on the video player you use and other behind-the-scenes factors. Even when you do have the hard numbers, they don’t necessarily tell the whole story. For example, low engagement numbers might indicate that viewers found the answers they wanted and converted before the video ended. When you’re focused on a narrow target audience, a high number of views might indicate that you’re getting a ton of irrelevant clicks.

Instead, you may have to look at the whole picture. Are you seeing increased traffic and engagement on your website pages that use video? Do your campaigns perform better when they highlight your videos? Are you getting compliments on your videos from colleagues and clients?

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We’ll tell you if your website and videos are working in harmony.