Crisp Culture – Todd

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We asked each member of our team what Crisp Culture has meant to them. This is what Todd had to say:

“I appreciate the personal and flexible culture we have at Crisp.  Coming from a very large corporate environment, I really value the tight knit group we have, and the relaxed atmosphere.  The great balance to that is a constant tone of achievement, success-driven leadership, and high expectations.  I think the combination of a great crew and hard work is a nice space to work in.  I know a lot is expected of us in our individual roles, as well as working together to achieve our best results.  I also feel challenged in a lot of ways, which is another important aspect of the culture.  You never want to be completely comfortable or bored with roles and responsibilities… especially when it comes to sharpening your creative, business and organizational skills.  I am certainly learning a lot from every single person in the office, and I’m glad to spend this season with our crew.” – Todd

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