Crisp Culture – Christian

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We asked each member of our team what Crisp Culture has meant to them. This is what Christian had to say:

What does the crisp culture mean to me? It reminds me of a family friend that growing up you may call Uncle or Aunt. No blood relation, and yet an integral part of your personal zeitgeist, shaping you like slick adobe clay under a red sun. Clay that will harden and make shelter to keep the coyotes and scorpions at bay. The kind of family friend who would take you to an arcade while your parents went to see Barry Manilow at an outdoor venue. Sure a lot of the games didn’t work but they would always ask the teenage employee to refund your quarters. Besides, there was always skeeball and they promised you could ride the go-karts outside, if there was still time. The kind of family friend that eventually had kids of their own and always had yoohoo in their pantry and their kids had Power Wheels. The kids would tell you the battery was dead on the Power Wheels but you knew they just didn’t want to share it with you. They still had a ton of nerf guns but you wanted to ride that Power Wheels, who cares if it only held a charge for 10 minutes. They’d have all three ninja turtles movies but you didn’t care about the third one, the third one was the worst. You were all about The Secret of the Ooze. Yeah, when I think about the Crisp culture, it’s like a family friend that has a ton of yoohoo. The boxed kind. Bottles were too risky, they had a carpeted basement.” – Christian

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