Choosing the Right Type of Video for Your Message

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As video marketing becomes increasingly commonplace online, it is important to understand which type of video is best utilized to deliver your message most effectively. One type of video may not necessarily be as effective in getting a company’s message across to its target market as another. In order to determine the right type of video for your message, you must first ask yourself these three key questions.

1. What goal are you trying to accomplish?

The final question one should ask before deciding on which type of video to utilize is: What goal or outcome am I actually trying to accomplish with the video? What results am I really looking to achieve? Am I trying to gain more clientele? Am I trying to reinforce the reliability, excellence, or quality of my brand’s image? Am I trying to entertain my viewers, promote an upcoming company event, or generate more brand awareness? All of these questions are central in determining the right type of video to appoint for your company’s message; whether it be a client testimonial, a corporate business overview, an event recap, or an explainer video. All of these different types of videos have different goals, different objectives, and different results in capturing and sustaining a viewer’s attention.


2. Who is your target market?

The second question one must ask when deciding on their video marketing approach is: Who am I trying to target with my message? A company’s target market is the particular niche of consumers in which their products and services are aimed at. When choosing the right type of marketing video to implement, it is crucial to determine whom you want your video message to reach, and ultimately influence. For instance, a pediatric dentist striving to build his/her clientele through video marketing would target parents (the main decision makers), just as a car dealership promoting the new safety features of their new mini-van model would target their video to families with children.

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3. What message are you trying to convey?

The first question that you must first ask yourself before choosing the type of video you will use, is to first understand what exactly it is that you are trying to convey to your customers. Ask yourself: What idea or information am I trying to present to my viewers? What is my end goal? What is the main purpose of the video? What action or reaction am I looking to obtain from my audience? Do I want to inform them, entertain them, or gain their business? Am I trying to promote my brand or gain more brand awareness? Am I trying to showcase my company or a highlight a special event? All of these questions are crucial in determining which type of approach your company should take when deciding on a marketing video strategy.

Business Strategy

Business Overview Videos

Business Overview videos are videos used to show, illustrate, or introduce a company, a product, a service, or any other idea or concept to its target market. This type of video is a good choice to use when your goal is to gain more clientele or to promote your business and its offerings.


Event Recap Videos

Event recap videos are videos that are used to capture the highlights of an event, gathering, or special occasion. This type of video is best used when the goal of the video message is to share and relive significant and memorable moments, to promote future events, or to encourage guests to participate in similar occasions down the road.


Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are videos that are used to reinforce a company’s brand, image, or quality of their goods, services, or other offerings. Today, more and more consumers are relying on product reviews based on word of mouth. A testimonial video is a good choice in video to use when the goal of your video message is to gain more clientele by the use of your clients’ personal experiences.


Explainer Videos

Explainer or FAQ videos are videos that are used to explain or inform potential or current clients of information; whether it be new products, goods, services, events, or any other significant ideas or concepts of the like. This type of video is best used when the goal of the video message is solely to inform its customers and to encourage them to favor their company over another competitor.


In the end, your company should choose the video type that is most congruently aligned with the company’s message, target market, and goals. By asking yourself these questions and adhering to these video marketing guidelines, you will create an engaging, effective, and successful video that will not only positively reinforce your company’s brand image and reputation, but cultivate and expand your company’s clienele as well.

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Michael Mogill, President of Crisp Video Group has produced video content for major international brands, including Coca-Cola, Verizon and Red Bull, and has carved out a successful niche in the medical and dental industries. He’s also a member of Young Entrepreneur Council, an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs.