Legal Video Marketing Success Story: CJ Lee & Associates

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Like many attorneys, Calvin Lee, Jr. faces a common challenge.

There are over 1.3 million attorneys in the United States. That’s 1 for every 265 people! The biggest challenge isn’t always faced in the courtroom, but rather in the marketing department.

So how can a solo or small firm attorney differentiate their firm and set themselves apart to attract new clients and high-value cases?


Attorney Calvin Lee, Jr. was facing this exact challenge when he decided to partner with Crisp Video Group to produce his law firm’s brand video.

We recently sat down with Calvin to discuss the obstacles he faced, the impact video had on his firm, advice he would give to other attorneys struggling with the same challenges, and – most importantly – his results.

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Can you describe your law firm for other attorneys?

[CJ Lee & Associates] represents indigenous peoples and their organizations throughout Indian country. Right now my case load includes land disputes, trespass, oil & gas royalty / lease negotiations, and many family law matters including LLC and estate / business planning.

Why did you decide to produce a video for your firm?

I decided to do a video to give prospective clients a more face-to-face interaction and a biography about me and my firm through social media or my website. I wanted to solve the problem of not having a distinct brand. I wanted to separate myself from other attorneys in the region.

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There are a number of legal video companies out there, why did you choose to produce your video with Crisp Video Group?

I chose Crisp because they specialize in creating legal brand videos. After going to their website and talking with their people including [Crisp CEO] Michael Mogill – I was sold. I felt a vibe with them (i.e. a good, cooperative relationship), and I knew Crisp could convey what I wanted to do.

Where were you at with your business one year ago vs. one year later?

A year ago I was struggling with doing so many things at once and I wanted to hand off this marketing effort to someone capable. I’ve been in solo practice for 2.5 years now, this is my second time going solo.

Not only do I get a steady amount of calls from all over my local region, I now get calls from several states away too.

Can you put a monetary value on the impact your videos have made on your firm?

My video quickly paid for itself. The cost of producing the video was offset by the new business I obtained in just 2 months of posting the video.

My case volume has increased 70%, and it’s only been 5 months since I released my video.


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How else has your video content impacted your firm?

The sales process has definitely improved. More calls, leads, and certainly more visibility. I still get comments posted to my Facebook page where people say they like my video or they tell me in person they saw and liked the video. I’m still getting page likes.

By comparison, I feel I’m able to strategically spend more on marketing in certain areas rather than just throwing money around in a random fashion. The metrics give me a better idea of where to spend.

What concerns did you have leading up to the decision to do video with Crisp?

Before investing in video I was concerned that the ROI may not be there or I’d have to wait a long time to reap a return, but that was not the case at all.

Of the various marketing investments you’ve made in your firm, what hasn’t worked?

Of marketing efforts in the past I’ve tried newspaper ads, a free Google website, and similar free marketing — none of which works.

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What is the best decision you’ve ever made for your firm?

My decision to invest in video with Crisp Video stands out as one of the best, if not the best decision I’ve made for my firm. Investing in the video was definitely the right thing to do.

What advice would you give to attorneys struggling to differentiate themselves and grow their legal practice?

I’d advise other attorneys to consider a video to distinguish their brand or to create a brand. There is no better way.

What would you say to an attorney who believes that professional video marketing is “too expensive” or is doubtful of the impact it would make on their firm?

I’d say, “Don’t be afraid of getting a return, my video paid for itself in less than 2 months.”

Has your investment in your video marketing improved your life? If so, how?

The investment in video has improved my life, and I can have a better work-life balance while growing my firm.

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What piece of advice do you wish you would have been given when you first started your law firm?

Develop systems and invest in your marketing.

What do you see as the future of legal marketing (e.g. how will attorneys have to invest in their firm to compete / attract clients / cases)?

Attorneys must compete with legal tech companies like LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, etc. This results in more informed clients. You have to think about who your clients are and align your brand and set yourself apart / specialize. A marketing plan is as essential as a business plan. Take your brand seriously.