Legal Video Marketing Success Story: Berry Law Firm

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legal video marketing results

With hundreds of attorneys available at the click of a mouse, competition has never been greater for new clients and cases.

Of all the competing marketing investments available, you have to decide on the strategy that will bring you the best cases and return the highest ROI.

This case study covers the success of Berry Law Firm, a Veteran’s Disability Benefits Law Firm located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Within the first month of working with Crisp Video Group, Berry Law Firm saw immediate results ranging from an increased volume of new clients to a meteoric rise in their online presence.

A quick glimpse of the impact of a single video in just 30 days: 72,300 people reached, 72,000 views, 1,100 likes, and 804 shares.

Here’s how they did it.

The Challenge

legal video marketing results

Like many law firms, getting their message out to potential clients is one of the biggest challenges Berry Law Firm faces. When asked about the firm’s challenges, Berry Law Firm owner and attorney John Berry, Jr. says:

“When we got involved in Veteran’s Law initially there weren’t a lot of people that were doing it. We think that we do it extremely well and we want to get that message out there. One of the challenges in Veteran’s Law is educating veterans about appeals – letting them know that they have a right to an attorney.

The problem is most veterans get denied a claim by the VA and they think, ‘Well, there’s a lot of paperwork, I’ve been denied, I guess this is it, there’s nothing I can do.’ What they don’t understand is that often those decisions are wrong. They have a right to appeal and they have a right to hire an attorney.”

– John Berry, Jr. (Berry Law Firm)

With the goal of educating clients on their options while simultaneously establishing credibility and trust, Berry Law Firm turned to Crisp Video Group for their video marketing strategy.

The Strategy

The strategy created for Berry Law Firm is two-fold. First, create a high-quality brand video to connect with potential clients and humanize the firm. Then, follow with a series of keyword-targeted FAQ and educational videos to increase thought leadership and drive more qualified leads to their website.

Discussing the decision to partner with Crisp to create high-quality video marketing content, John states:

“If you’re going to put a bunch of time into making a crappy, low-quality video? Fine. But your time is the value, so what is it going to cost? What is this piece worth to you?

I think you have to look at your average client value, how many clients is it going to take to make this video? What do I expect the return to be? And if you do it cheap, the problem is everybody is doing it cheap now. I don’t like that sheep mentality of, ‘Well, if everybody else is doing it then I’m going to do it too.’

This is something that sets you apart from everyone else.

– John Berry, Jr. (Berry Law Firm)

Looking to build upon the success of Berry Law Firm’s legal brand video, our team launched a targeted social media marketing campaign on Facebook to fully utilize the power of their video marketing content.

legal video marketing results

Using demographic surveys and online research tools, we were able to narrow down ideal clients based on factors such as age range, level of education, political leanings, affiliations and organizations, recent life events, and interests/hobbies.

Once the ideal client attributes were defined, it was time to implement Berry Law Firm’s Facebook strategy. With the current Presidential election underway, it was an opportune time to post relevant and engaging content regarding a hot-button issue: Veteran’s Affairs.

legal video marketing results

Through our in-depth research, one of the facts discerned is that studies show that as much as 85% of Facebook video views occur with the sound turned off.

Knowing that, we created automated subtitles for Berry Law Firm’s Crisp Video content and a custom Facebook audience to appeal to Berry Law Firm’s target demographic.

The Results

Berry Law Firm’s first Facebook video reached 50,656 people, accumulated 37,000 Views, 514 Shares, 707 Likes, and 32 Comments in the first week.

legal video marketing results

Here are the results as of October 3, two and a half months into the campaign:

legal video marketing case study

With a whopping 119,000 views, 1,151 shares, 1,700 likes, and 89 comments, Berry Law Firm’s initial campaign was a success.

After the success of their first Facebook marketing campaign, Berry Law Firm partnered with Crisp Video to craft two additional campaigns to expand their law firm’s reach.

Between the three ads, the campaigns reached 230,055 people and generated 171,000 views, 8,030 likes, 2,783 shares, and 229 comments. 

The results for their page traffic, user engagement, and video views tell the story of the campaigns’ success:

Metric Before (June 1 – July 14) After (July 15 – October 3) Percent Increase
Page Likes 711 1,045 47%
Daily Total Reach 108 6,054 5,056%
Daily Organic Reach 81 1,016 1,154%
Daily Total Impressions 201 6,616 3,192%
Daily Organic Impressions 113 1,460 1,192%
Daily Organic Video Views .48 156 32,400%
Daily People Talking About This 4 148 3,600%

As the campaign continued, past and potential clients continued to comment, share, and publicly express their experiences with Berry Law Firm.

“The reason why video is important to me, especially on the Veteran’s Law side, is that we’re not spending a lot of time on sales issues during our intake process. People are calling saying, ‘Will you take my case?’

We’ve already told them what we do. Our clients have told them what we do. By the time they reach out to us it’s not a question of do they want to hire us, it’s will you take my case.”

– John Berry, Jr. (Berry Law Firm)

Here’s a snapshot of several audience interactions:

legal video marketing results

legal video marketing results

legal video marketing results

Others flocked to the conversation to tout the virtues of Berry Law Firm’s services:

“The great thing that I didn’t expect from all of this was how it would affect our referrals. Our clients are calling us, telling us how proud they are to be represented by us and that they really enjoy the video. And, it’s one of those things where they’re passing on the video.”

– John Berry, Jr. (Berry Law Firm)

legal video marketing results

legal video marketing results

With over 171,000 views and 230,000 people reached, Berry Law Firm’s Facebook campaign shows the potential that the right video marketing message can have for driving new clients and cases.

Not only did their overall engagement increase, their organic metrics all increased tenfold or more.

As the campaign continues, Berry Law Firm’s success is only beginning. As more and more potential clients see their videos, connect with their firm, and begin to build a relationship with the brand the sky is the limit.