9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Attend the Crisp Game Changers Summit

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1. You’re okay with mediocrity.

Sure, you realize your law firm could be growing faster. Yet why push it? You prefer doing the absolute minimum to get by and nothing more. So while you’ll learn elite-level growth strategies for breaking through plateaus and reaching new heights of success at the Summit, they’d be worthless to you because you’d never implement them in your practice anyway.

2. You suffer from a victim mentality.

You’ve attended legal conferences before. They’ve made little or no impact on your practice — and it’s not your fault. After all, changes over the past few years have made running a profitable practice tougher than ever. So even if the industry’s highest achievers hand-fed you proven ideas for growth, productivity and profitability, you know they wouldn’t work for you… because your market is different, of course.

3. You’re not prepared to fully invest in your law practice.

You’d rather rely on hope to get you through the next stage in your legal career. You’re certain there’s really no way you could get actionable strategies and proven systems for making real money just by attending a two-day event, nor are you willing to implement or execute on those strategies once you return home.

4. You’re fine with being seen as just another law firm, a commoditized provider of legal services, no different from your competitors.

While potential prospects should instantly know what differentiates you from every other law firm, you believe this advantage isn’t all that important. In fact, you have no need for knowing how to stand out and de-commoditize your practice (or how to exploit competitors’ vulnerabilities to your advantage, especially when it comes to positioning and gaining attention).

5. You whine and complain.

The strategies and how-to information you’ll discover at the Summit require your commitment. They also require you to push well past your current mindset limits (you’ll learn how to do this). If you take massive action, you’ll see massive results. However, if you like to feed yourself excuses, you’ll see little benefit from attending the Summit. In fact, you’ll probably have no one to associate with at the event either (this event is only for ambitious attorneys who are engaged in their business).

6. You believe that the culture and values of a law firm have no impact on its growth, and are simply cute terms coined by millennials.

You’ve experienced challenges in the past with finding, hiring, and/or retaining the best people and believe that a focus on company culture/values is an exercise in futility. In fact, even if you learned new strategies for fostering a culture of success or hiring high-performing players, you believe they wouldn’t bring any benefits to your practice.

7. You don’t feel you need new skills or capabilities to remain competitive.

If you’re not worried about the effects of industry advancements or changes in consumer behavior, you’re already falling behind. The Summit, though, is designed to catch you up quick. From negotiation strategies and mindset to video marketing and capturing the attention of millennials, you’ll walk away with new skills you can immediately use and share with your team. Well, you wouldn’t, because you’re not interested in learning new skills.

8. You have no interest in meeting and networking with the leaders behind the nation’s fastest-growing law firms.

You probably have more opportunities right now than you can handle. So you’d feel overwhelmed by the connections you’d make at the Summit, especially because you’d get to know the leaders and influencers behind the nation’s fastest-growing law firms.

9. You don’t want to be seen driving a new Tesla Model 3.

When you purchase a VIP or Game Changer ticket to the Summit, you’re automatically entered to win one of three Tesla Model 3s we’re giving away at the event. The winner will be randomly selected on Nov. 10. But you hate Teslas. So, you probably shouldn’t buy a ticket.

And here’s the #1 reason you SHOULD attend the Crisp Game Changers Summit:

Because none of the previous 9 reasons applied to you.

If the past 9 reasons not to attend the Crisp Game Changers Summit had no relevance to you, then we’d like to invite you to join us this November in Atlanta.

The Crisp Game Changers Summit isn’t the typical feel-good, motivational conference that’s all fluff and no action.

It’s for the most ambitious attorneys who want proven strategies for aggressively attacking today’s market, so they can multiply their law firm’s growth. Everything from the food, to the venue, to the presenters is designed to fuel you with energy and keep you engaged so you can make big moves in your market during the next year.



Do you dare to do what others won’t?

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