3 Reasons to Focus on Video Marketing Right Now

2 minutes to read

It’s becoming more and more apparent that video content is preferred online than regular text content. Yet some marketers are hesitant to take the dive into video marketing, often due to the seemingly large investment. Here are a few compelling reasons to add video marketing to your digital strategy today!

1. Video Leads to Action

According to MarketingLand.com, 71% of marketers claimed their video efforts outperformed their other marketing efforts. 52% of marketers think that video content has the highest return on investment of all content marketing strategies. A study by Aberdeen showed that including a high-quality video on your website can increase conversion rates by nearly 300 percent! Video can enhance all of your marketing efforts online, so why not get started now?

2. Creating More Videos Leads to More Sales

If you thought just creating one video would increase your sales, you would be correct. But what many marketers don’t realize is that creating and using more videos will lead to even more sales! E-commerce sites that included videos on over half of their product pages saw a 68% sales increase over their competitors who included a video on less than a quarter of their pages.

3. It Can Save Money in the Long Run

Another study by Aberdeen showed that video content actually reduces the cost per lead dramatically for most businesses. The average spend per lead dropped from $115 to $93. That’s a $22 difference per lead!

If you determine your current spend per lead, you can find out how much you would be saving, and see how many leads you would need to generate to make back the investment of a video. The chances are you will find the price to be much more agreeable.