11 Reasons to Choose Crisp Video Group for Your Video Needs

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A quick search for how to market a business online will generate some very confusing results. The results will have “experts” recommending a range of tools including social media, email marketing, SEO, and paid advertising. All of these can be beneficial; however, many people never learn how valuable video marketing is for all of these channels. Let’s stick to the facts.

  • 80% of people recall a video advertisement they saw in the past 30 days
  • 46% of those people take action after viewing an ad including looking for more information, visiting the website, or making a purchase
  • 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text, and half of those executives made a purchase after watching the video
  • Click-through-rates on email marketing increased 96% after adding a video to the email
  • Including a video in email marketing reduces the number of subscriber opt-outs by 75% and increases the subscriber-to-lead conversion by 51%
  • One minute of video has the same content value as 1.8 million words, and it is more effective in capturing an audience

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These statistics prove that video marketing is the tool to create the conversion numbers you’re your business needs. The most valuable videos are high quality, professional, and engaging. Many times an in-house or budget production damages a company’s brand and reputation due to its poor quality. Your clients will convert with a video that is high quality, like the videos that the team at Crisp Video Group produces. To get started on those conversions, check out 11 reasons you should consider Crisp Video Group for your video marketing needs.

1Crisp is trustworthy, accountable, and reliable

If you have spent a lot of time searching for the perfect video production company then you probably found some vague statements and big promises. Many of these companies are not open and transparent about what they do and instead promise the world only to under-deliver once the contract is signed. That’s why we are open, honest, and upfront about whom we are and how our production process works.

Crisp Video Group is known for our hardworking and hands-on attitude. We create a timeline for your video production and will deliver well-within deadlines. The team at Crisp truly cares about your brand’s success. We do not stop until we reach a final video product that you love! If you have any questions throughout the process, we promptly answer them and take all your suggestions into our production.

2We are the video industry experts

Unlike many other video production companies out there we make sure every team member has the digital marketing and video production experience to deliver an awesome final product. We throw ourselves into every project by injecting passion and innovation from initial discussions to that final editing touch.

We use the latest video production technology to ensure every video we create for you is high quality. The best part is we give you a lovely package of videos tied in a virtual bow. You can use the various video formats for all your marketing needs from social media to your website. For examples of our video quality and expertise you can check out some of our previous projects.

Big or small, Crisp has you covered

Part of what makes Crisp Video Group so special is our ability to scale for any type of business. We have worked with huge companies and big name brands, as well as small businesses. Crisp understands that your overall business goals are important no matter what size your business is or how your brand is defined. That’s why we consult with you from the start to understand your business in-depth to create the perfect video that fits your business scale and budget.

Every second of video improves your brand

Sure, you could try to do a video in-house because that new intern took a few video production classes in college, but that video will be far from perfect. Your branding will not be considered, your goals will not be achieved, and the audience will be left with a lackluster feeling and will forget your brand tomorrow. The truth is harsh, but it is the reality.

Crisp Video understands that the quality of your content is the most important piece of your brand value. Funneling low-quality or mediocre content gives your audience a negative perception of your brand. There is no reason to push content just for the sake of it. Take a different approach and show how much you care about your clients’ business by producing high quality content you can be proud to associate with your brand.

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Our team fulfills all your production needs

Creating a video is not just shooting and editing! There are many factors that go into the production of your video. We start with a consultation with our digital marketing professionals to fully understand your marketing needs to ensure the video we produce for you will meet your expectations entirely. You will then work with our video creative team to start crafting the pieces of your video. This includes preproduction, filming, editing, and production teams. Once the video is shot we use cutting edge post-production technology and techniques to create that perfect final video for your business goals.

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We consider the value of your time

You don’t hire a professional video group only to get called for every decision. Crisp understands that you are busy! We are experts at what we do and want you to focus on your business needs while we take care of the video production. After your initial discovery call, we will transform your goals into the perfect final video. There is no need to micromanage – your video is in good hands!

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We start each video by prioritizing a goal

Jumping into a project with no purpose just doesn’t make sense. It takes time to get a project right. We start our services by working directly with your business goals. Many video groups whip out a video without doing the research about their client. Crisp wants every second of your video to bring value to your business and brand.

The Crisp team sits down with you to hammer out your goals and the intended audience of the video from the start. These goals may vary from drawing in customers, converting customers, or setting you apart from the competition. Once we understand your needs and the scope of the project we can begin creating that high quality video that makes your business one of the high-converting statistics we listed above!

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Video Production CompanyOur process is streamlined to beat deadlines

Deadlines are important, and down to the wire work only causes stress and a low-quality final product. Crisp understands that your video needs to be completed in a timely fashion well before your deadline, so we work with you to create a timeline that meets your deadlines. This ensures you are not stressed as the clock ticks down to your deadline, and it makes us way less stressed out as well!

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Video Production CompanyCrisp Video keeps your brand in mind

Crisp Video Group understands the importance of your branding to your business, which is why we go above and beyond trying to create an even higher brand value for your company. Our discovery process ensures we understand your branding inside and out. The video we create is completely consistent with the branding you have built up before contacting us.

The look and feel of your colors, fonts, and emotions associated with your brand will be transferred to your video. The goal is for people to start watching your video and immediately know it’s associated with your business before your logo or name ever appear. We also work with you to ensure your video improves your branding.

Crisp is vested in our clients’ success

You get lifelong cheerleaders when you choose Crisp Video Group. Our working relationship with our clients does not end after one video. We are here to help advise you on future projects, as well as provide as many new video projects as you need in the future.

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Our clients love us!

If you don’t want to listen to us, check out what others have said about us! We are very proud of our clients because of the enormous value we have brought them. Some of the brands we work with include Coca-Cola, Audi, Coldwell Banker, W Hotels, Verizon Wireless, and Living Social, but we also have many small businesses we love! You can visit our website to watch a few client testimonials.

Before we leave you, here is one last cool stat – professional video production can increase your brand engagement by 437%. This is why we work to help businesses all over the country reach their goals with video.

You can reach Crisp Video Group anytime by submitting inquires through our contact form or by calling us at 1-800-401-8323. We are ready to come to you and help you achieve your business goals by getting the job done right the first time. Contact us so we can be your ultimate video production resource – from branding to conversions!