10 Reasons Why You Need to Attend the Game Changers Summit 2022

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On November 2-3, the Game Changers Summit 2022 will bring together 5,000+ of the nation’s top attorneys for a 2-day law conference unlike any other.

Hear from the top minds in the legal industry and beyond on proven strategies to grow their law firms, enjoy VIP-level experiences and amenities on the field of the world-class Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and maybe even take home the incredibly cool, hard-to-find, celebrity-status G-Wagen.

The hype is easy to understand. But first it’s time to get real about what’s happening in your law firm today — and how attending the Game Changers Summit 2022 can help you change it.

If any of these 10 challenges are holding you and your organization back, consider them the perfect reasons you MUST attend the Summit to solve them.

1. Lack of Talent

You struggle to attract great people to your firm and have made poor hiring decisions that have cost you dearly. You just can’t seem to crack the code.

At the Summit: Learn what it takes to foster collaboration and growth in your team and create an environment that draws in the best talent.

2. Restrictive Processes

You’ve outgrown your infrastructure, processes, and maybe even your people. What once served you well is now holding you back.

At the Summit: Hear from law firm owners like John Morgan and Jan Dils, who have scaled to market-dominating levels on the logistics of building some of the largest firms in the country

John Morgan EVOLVE

3. Unclear Leadership

You find yourself putting out fires all day and stressing out about your never-ending to-do list. This leaves you with little time to work strategically on your law firm and you feel like a hamster on a wheel.

At the Summit: Learn how to become an effective leader and build the mental fortitude necessary to deal with every obstacle.

4. Poor Culture

When you’re not firefighting, you find yourself babysitting — accommodating numerous misfires from your team and dealing with more drama than you’d care to admit.

At the Summit: Workplace drama & leadership expert Cy Wakeman lays out the keys to eliminating workplace drama and leveling up your leadership.

Cy Wakeman GCS3

5. Inconsistent Cash Flow

Your firm’s caseload has been steadily declining, and you struggle to maintain consistent cash flow month-to-month. No matter how hard you work, the numbers don’t ever seem to add up.

At the Summit: Take a peek behind the curtain and rub elbows with the attorneys running $50M – $100M firms to hear first hand what it takes to grow a profitable, recession-proof law firm.

6. No Clear Vision

You worry about your firm’s longevity and sustainability. You don’t have a succession plan and struggle to envision how your practice could one day continue on with you.

At the Summit: Step into the Shark Tank with Kevin O’Leary as he shines a light on what your potential investors need to see from your firm.

Kevin O'Leary

7. No Next Step

You no longer have the drive or energy you once did and are looking for an exit strategy.

At the Summit: Forget about closing shop. Remember why you became a lawyer in the first place and build a lasting legacy that can help clients for decades to come.

8. Lost Hope

You’ve sincerely tried to turn things around. You’ve read numerous business books, attended numerous masterminds, and employed countless different tactics.

At the Summit: Take a deeper dive into the psychology and economics of building a successful law firm. This isn’t a quick-fix seminar.

You’ll hear from top performers like David Goggins and Arnold Schwarzenegger on what it really takes to get where you want to go.

9. Nothing is Working

You feel like you’ve tried everything, you’re all out of answers, and you’re not sure the juice is worth the squeeze anymore.

At the Summit: There’s a reason this is an in-person event whose demand has outgrown every other venue in Atlanta. While the speakers are at the top of their game and the venue is next level, the real value of the summit is the connections you’ll make.

The Game Changers Summit brings together attorneys from every practice area, every market, doing $500,000 to $100M+ in annual revenue. Put yourself in the mix and you’re almost guaranteed to meet the catalyst for the next major move in your practice.

10. Stalled (or Bottlenecked) Growth

You’re chasing after new clients. You’re struggling to figure out how to market your firm. You’re babysitting and micromanaging your team. You’re running the back office, books, and have a hand in every function of your law firm.

Here’s all you’re really doing: Holding yourself and your business back.

At the Summit: Learn what it takes to recession-proof your practice by killing your ego, delegating to a trusted team, and freeing up more time to focus on the highest-impact activities.


About the Game Changers Summit

Game Changers Summit attendees don’t come for what’s expected. They come to get ahead.

In addition to the 10 reasons above, you can also expect:

Guaranteed $1M in actionable insights for your firm. If after attending the first full day of the Summit, you don’t feel we’ve lived up to that promise, we’ll refund your ticket and pay for your flight home.

The latest from more top minds in the legal industry and beyond:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (elite bodybuilder, actor, producer, and former governor) on turning vision into reality by overcoming every obstacle.
  • Kevin O’Leary (entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist, “Shark” of ABC’s Shark Tank) on creating value in your law firm to differentiate and attract new investors.
  • John Morgan (founder of the largest injury firm in America, Morgan & Morgan) on building a recession-proof law firm of the future.
  • David Goggins (best-selling author, former Navy SEAL, elite endurance athlete) on hardening your mind, building resilience, and cultivating the mental fortitude to push past every barrier.
  • Cy Wakeman (workplace drama & leadership expert, best-selling author) on eliminating workplace drama, improving your firm’s culture, and leveling up your leadership.
  • Jessica Mogill (Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp, who’s trained 1,000+ businesses nationwide) on fostering communication and collaboration with your team to build the most productive environment within your firm.
  • Michael Mogill (Founder & CEO of Crisp, best-selling author, law firm growth expert) on what the most successful firms in the nations are doing right now to grow their practices.
  • Joe Fried (renowned trucking lawyer) on finding your niche and positioning yourself as a thought leader.
  • Laura Wasser (entrepreneur, elite divorce attorney) on how to attract the best clients and get the most exclusive cases.
  • Jan Dils (leader of the largest female-founded law firm in America) on the power of betting on yourself and going all-in.
  • John Uustal (nationally-recognized trial lawyer) on leaving a positive legacy by taking on the “unwinnable” and holding corporations accountable to improve consumer safety.
  • Eric Chaffin (Personal Injury and Mass Tort Attorney) on building a successful practice around a single motto: “Doing Good by Doing Right.”
  • Jesse Cole (Marketing Magician and Owner of the Savannah Bananas) on how to separate yourself from the competition and provide a frictionless client experience.


The opportunity to win a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen: One Game Changers Summit attendee will drive off in a brand new G-Wagen. Wondering how? All you need is a ticket to be entered to win. (Yes, really!)

A VIP opportunity unlike any other: For select ticket holders only! The opportunity to close out Day 1 with an exclusive VIP Party at the state-of-the-art Crisp HQ.

A weekend-closing performance from a Grammy Award-winning artist: Close out the weekend on top and enjoy an exclusive performance from Boyz II Men.

And the #1 reason to join 5,000+ of the nation’s top law firm owners?

You’re ready to shape the future of the legal landscape.

November 2-3, 2022 on the field of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. We’ll see you there.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen