Episode 84 — Legal Power Players: LIVE from the Game Changers Summit 3

In this special episode, four legal industry leaders share their collective wisdom on what it takes to be a true game changer. We sat down with:

  • America’s preeminent trucking attorney Joe Fried
  • Mass torts powerhouse Roopal Luhana
  • One of the nation’s most prosperous firm owners Alexander Shunnarah
  • The godfather of legal marketing Harlan Schillinger

And they don’t disappoint. Each draws on their experience and success in the industry, getting real about:

  • How to stay ahead in the changing legal landscape
  • How to become the most credible person in the room
  • Why client experience is the ultimate competitive advantage
Episode 84 — Legal Power Players: LIVE from the Game Changers Summit 3
Show Notes:

4:14 – If you can’t find the expert, be one. [Joe Fried] “When I set out, I didn’t worry about money — it was about the brand. It was about the idea that I want to be associated with trucking in every way I can be. I wanted to be the guy who you’d see everywhere you turned. In terms of momentum, I’m afraid to stop because it’s where I get my sense of purpose. I’m afraid to lose that. I’ve worked hard to make this not only about me, but to bring an army of people together who know how to handle truck crash cases. I know that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.”

9:21 – Good marketing takes time. [Alexander Shunnarah] “You have to consistently do marketing for at least a decade. It’s a huge financial commitment, but once we made that commitment and constantly worked on it every day, it stuck and resonated. That’s where people go wrong. They stop and don’t consistently believe in the long process.”

10:24 – You’ll never want to stop. [Harlan Schillinger] “I’ve retired three times. In ‘retirement,’ I’m putting in 40- and 50-hour weeks. What would I do if I retired? I’d play golf, ride motorcycles, and spend time in South Dakota. I don’t know what retirement is. You have to keep doing things that you like. If you have passion, you just don’t retire. The reason I don’t want to retire is that I’m excited about what’s going on. We all have purpose. When you have purpose, you have value, and you have passion.”

16:50 – Credibility is the truest road. [Joe Fried] “You want to know what the trick is to being viewed as the most credible person in the courtroom? You just have to wake up every single day of your life and make a commitment that no matter what, you’re going to be the most credible person in the room. And when you fail, you have to make the commitment that you’re going to own it with honesty. When you’re willing to be shockingly vulnerable, you become shockingly credible.”

19:28 – Passion drives commitment. [Roopal Luhana] “It’s my passion. I’m really committed and want to hold these terrible companies — Zantac and Paraquat, that continue to hold profits over safety — accountable. My anger and my passion drive me. I want to make sure all of these clients get their day in court and that these guys are held accountable. Once we get there, they’re going to pay.”

25:31 – If you don’t define your brand, someone else will. [Harlan Schillinger] “Brand is what people think of you when you’re out of the room. Advertising is a tactic, but brand is everything.”

27:32 – Stop fighting, start building. [Alexander Shunnarah] “You have to be in the digital space. You can’t stop all of these lead generation companies coming in or anyone coming into the space and capturing these leads we all want. We need to find and build relationships with people and learn a different way of acquiring our cases.”

31:35 – Remember your why. [Roopal Luhana] “You have to engage and connect with your clients. At the end of the day, it’s the experience they have. You can get them a fantastic verdict, but they’re mostly going to remember how you treated them during that process. They’re going to remember if you listened to them and informed them all along the journey. Client service has to be at the forefront from the very first call into the firm throughout the entire journey. Then they start leaving good reviews and give you referrals. From there, the cost of acquisition goes down. It’s a no-brainer.”

37:14 – Put people at the center. [Harlan Schillinger] “We’re at a real shift. You have a younger generation coming in, an older generation that may be getting out, and there’s corporate money coming in. It’s seriously about people. That’s the most competitive edge that you have in this world. The best case that will walk into your office is through a referral.”

39:07 – There isn’t a single approach that always works. [Roopal Luhana] “It’s not about how many leads you’re getting from a particular channel. It’s a holistic approach, and it’s about inundating people with billboards, radio, television, and everywhere on social media.”

39:25 – If you’re real, you’ll survive. [Joe Fried] “Don’t forget the now. The future is coming; the money is going to pour into this industry. Find your passion and focus on that. There will always be room for you. You’re going to beat the corporate people with your passion.”

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