Episode 177 — AMMA – Ask Michael Mogill Anything: Energy, Effectiveness, and Entrepreneurial Guilt

As an entrepreneur, the decisions you make have a direct impact on the success of your business. Prioritizing the right things, investing in the right places, and operating the right way is essential — and not always easy.

Michael Mogill faced similar challenges — and as you’ll discover in this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, he still does.

In this segment of Ask Michael Mogill Anything, he and Jessica Mogill discuss:

  • The importance of prioritizing your health and wellness as a leader
  • How to lead by example for your team
  • How to let go and trust your team
Episode 177 — AMMA – Ask Michael Mogill Anything: Energy, Effectiveness, and Entrepreneurial Guilt
Show Notes:

The importance of having the right support team. “There are other people in your organization that you can have — whether it’s through a strategic assistant or somebody else — on your leadership team that can be freeing you up to do the tasks that are perhaps the highest and best use of your time. As a leader, I think the highest and best use of your time is really around building and achieving the vision, the strategy of the organization, and attracting great talent into the organization of great people that you can really build and grow and leverage in the organization with. Above all else, your job as a leader is to make the best decisions for the organization itself. It’s not checking and responding to emails. It’s not little time-staking tasks. But before, you have a large support team — which means you’re able to focus on the things that matter.”

How to lead by example. “When somebody else sees someone that is modeling healthy behavior and they see enough people doing it, then at some point they’ll get to a tipping point where they realize they kind of like this stuff. Maybe they’ll start choosing the salad and the chicken breast over the cookies. But that doesn’t happen because you tell everybody that they should start eating healthy and should start prioritizing their wellbeing and getting eight hours of sleep and drinking a gallon of water a day. If you do it that way, you’re going to have very poor compliance — but if you can model those behaviors yourself consistently, then they’ll see that you are a more effective leader as a result.”

When everything falls into place. “At Crisp, we’ve now had the best first quarter in the organization and the best second quarter in the organization. The last six months have been the best months in the history of the organization. That gives me a lot of confidence that me taking time out to focus on my health and mental wellness is leading to better decision-making. Our leaders are more successful. Our team as a whole is more successful. Our clients are more successful. That is a good thing. I didn’t know it until we got the data back. I didn’t know that that would be true. When you start out, you think, is this a good thing or a bad thing? If I’m going to be adjusting how I spend my time and adjusting some of my habits, will that be okay for the business? But we’ve seen that the proof is in the pudding, and these are the results.”

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