Episode 147 — AMMA — Ask Michael Mogill Anything: Hoodies, LinkedIn Influencers, and “Nontraditional” Retirement

Michael Mogill, Founder & CEO of Crisp, is back and better than ever with another installment of “Ask Michael Mogill Anything” for this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast.

Our first edition of AMMA was so popular that we decided to do it again — and we think you’re going to be surprised at what Michael has to say.

Tune in to hear his thoughts on:

  • How to run your business like a true leader
  • How retirement has evolved over the years
  • Why actions speak louder than words
Episode 147 — AMMA — Ask Michael Mogill Anything: Hoodies, LinkedIn Influencers, and “Nontraditional” Retirement
Show Notes:

Foolish leadership trends. “Running a business isn’t easy. It’s hard work. There are always going to be challenges that arise no matter who you are. That’s why I believe that the person who presents themselves as having it all together isn’t telling the truth, because some of the most successful people I know are constantly dealing with new problems. So when it comes to foolish leadership trends, one comes to mind: If a member of your team comes up to you saying they aren’t happy, contrary to popular belief, you are not in control of anyone’s happiness. You can control providing clarity, accountability standards, knowledge, and more. You cannot control how they feel when they walk into the office Monday through Friday. If they’re unhappy, usually it has nothing to do with your organization. Instead, you should focus on giving your team members everything they need to be successful — the rest is on them.”

Profits aren’t the problem. “There’s nothing wrong with a profitable organization. In fact, I don’t think a business can be healthy and not be profitable. Companies like SalesForce, Google, and Amazon all seemed like they’d be great places to work…until they went through with thousands of layoffs. All of these places seem like they’d have great stability and security, and the real truth is that they don’t.”

Dress to impress — or not. “Actions speak louder than words. Your results are going to dictate whether or not people should take you seriously — not if you’re wearing a T-shirt and jeans instead of a suit and tie. I dress up when we have workshops and conferences and things of that nature, but overall my wardrobe has become more casual over the years. I make thousands of decisions every day, and wearing Crisp hoodies and T-shirts is one less decision I have to worry about in the mornings. There’s nothing wrong with dressing up to work every day, but I value consistency in your actions and your results more than what you’re wearing. Focus on your value instead.”

Shift your view on retirement. “When most people think of retirement, they think of working up to a certain age then enjoying the rest of their lives. I think that’s a broken approach, because these days we’re seeing people work longer than ever. In a way, retirement is thinking that you want to stop doing what you’re doing — and to me, that seems like a paradox. Why would you want to stop doing what you’re doing after you’ve been trying to build something for so long? If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and you’re constantly looking for the exits, then it’s probably time to reevaluate what matters to you.”

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