Episode 85 — Women Legal Leaders: LIVE from the Game Changers Summit 3

There’s no doubt that Rosie the Riveter would have had a smile on her face had she listened to the live filming of this dynamite cast of women legal leaders. In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, these five phenom females discuss what it means to be a woman in the legal industry and how to overcome obstacles they have faced along the way.

Jessica Mogill, Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp, had the distinct pleasure of hosting the panel of Women Legal Leaders at the Game Changers Summit 3:

  • Rachel Flood, Director of Operations at Flood Law Firm
  • Mariam Kuregyan, Owner and Lead Attorney at Davana Law Firm
  • Samantha Ball, Senior Partner at Disability Attorneys of Michigan
  • Sara Williams, Adjunct Professor and Trial Attorney at Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys

Don’t miss this conversation to hear groundbreaking takes on how to positively and effectively influence a diverse team, why sacrifices are necessary to achieve success, and how to guarantee your input is heard.

Episode 85 — Women Legal Leaders: LIVE from the Game Changers Summit 3
Show Notes:

4:14 – Women downplay their strengths. [Sara Williams] “We’re so worried about being too direct. I’m a very direct person, so are people going to think I’m a b*tch? Don’t worry about what people think and how people perceive you — just be the leader that you know you need to be.”

5:42 – You need female leaders to help build balance. [Samantha Ball] “We’re a part of the story, and I get tired of hearing other females apologize for being great at what they do. Don’t apologize for being great at your job. Just rise to the occasion and let the world around you meet you.”

6:12 – My biggest challenge is myself. [Mariam Kuregyan] “The fear in me of, ‘Can I do it? Am I good enough? Am I capable enough?’ I think it takes a lot of people who care for you to bring out your best and let you see you for what you are.”

6:30 – Facing our internal fears. [Mariam Kuregyan] “By being on this panel and seeing other women do it, that is why it’s so important because it allows you to disengage the fear and come out stronger.”

10:47 – Who run the world? [Rachel Flood] “In our firm, we have almost 50 people. Almost 75 percent are women, and most of those women have children under 10. I think we have a firm that’s very supportive of working mothers. I can’t tell you how many times there’s been those conversations where somebody says ‘I’m failing as a mom’ or ‘I’m failing at work’ because they feel like they can’t get anything done. Knowing that there are other people that have those moments and feel that way helps you support each other and tell them, ‘You’re doing great.’ That’s been an inspiration to me — seeing how other people balance it and we can support each other.”

14:44 – With a little help from my friends. [Mariam Kuregyan] “I usually draw a line. Even being so traditional, I think it’s possible to be strong and to be a good attorney and to have your own practice. Being an entrepreneur was hard, but I needed support from my family and my friends, and they all came through and gave me that push, which you can’t have if you don’t have a good network of people helping you.”

16:54 – Questioning traditional norms. [Samantha Ball] “I don’t view it as a tradeoff or a compromise. It’s just becoming what we are as a family, just different from those traditional norms. But why do we have to follow all of the traditional norms? You can make those adjustments. In a lot of ways, it was better for [my kids] to be home with their father more, and I believe they got a huge benefit from that.”

19:56 – Law is a battlefield. [Sara Williams] “I think the way women market and brand themselves is different and unique. I think oftentimes women are hesitant to do things like that because they think, ‘I can’t be Alex [Shunnarah]. I can’t do those things’ — but you don’t have to. I think it’s important to have women leaders in place so that women feel more comfortable stepping up and stepping to the table.”

22:16 – Encouraging the next generation. [Sara Williams] “I think it’s important for us to continue doing what we’re doing and continue to be visible, — to also educate not just our female counterparts, but our male counterparts as well.”

24:04 – Monkey see, monkey do. [Mariam Kuregyan] “For the next generation, as long as we’re present, as long as we continue to have panels such as this one, and as long as we’re included in this beautiful profession which allows us to help people, I think we’re on the right track.”

27:48 – Own it. [Samantha Ball] “Don’t apologize for being badass at what you do. Stop waiting to be invited.”

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