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Episode 217 — AMMA — The Key to Clarity in Business

As a leader, the key to much of your success is clarity — both getting clear yourself and being clear with your team.

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill and Crisp Head of Coaching Strategy Jessica Mogill sit down to answer listener-submitted questions related to clarity in a business.

They discuss:

  • How to get buy-in from your team when pushing for big goals
  • The key to focusing on the future as a CEO
  • How to give straightforward feedback without demoralizing your team
Episode 217 — AMMA — The Key to Clarity in Business
Show Notes:

How to get your team on board. “It’s great to have a big vision, but you have to consider the fact that if you’re going to get anywhere, it’s going to take a great team to do that — a team that’s aligned, rowing in the same direction, and pushing together to achieve a goal. There are a few factors that have to be in place here. Number one is why are we setting this big target? Does it enable us to do something we couldn’t do previously before? If you just say growth, it’s like, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Team members are going to ask themselves that. So if you can’t tie back these growth goals you have to the vision or how that benefits the team, it’s hard to get alignment. Maybe they want to pay off student loans. Maybe they want to get a promotion. Maybe they want to grow in their career. Maybe they want to evolve on a certain career path. Maybe they want an opportunity to grow into a leader, and by achieving these growth goals, that enables the firm to provide them with that opportunity. Maybe they want better benefits. It’s important to be able to connect the dots of how achieving this goal or this target aligns to benefiting the team member and why they should actually care about this.”

CEOs must be future-focused. “It is necessary to give yourself the space, the freedom, and the time to be able to think and strategize, because you’ve got a lot of people who are relying upon you. They rely on your decision-making. We’re made up of atoms, and then we’re made up of decisions. Where we are today as human beings is a byproduct of decisions we’ve made up to this point, and where we end up in the future — where our firms end up — is going to be based on the decisions we make from this point going forward. If you can’t properly evaluate information and if you can’t think beyond a month or a quarter or a year, then you’re going to make decisions that are maybe good in the short term, but then hurt you in the long term”

The key to intentional feedback. “Whenever you’re going into any type of conversation that you have to have with somebody or a team, before I go into that meeting, I ask myself, ‘What is the goal here?’ In the past, when I was a young leader, I’d be frustrated about something, and then I would take out that frustration on a group of people that maybe were somehow related to that frustration. I would get all my frustration out, but then I’d leave them demoralized and then there was no change in behavior. That’s not very productive if your goal is to actually improve the situation. So when you’re trying to go into this situation and you want to improve the outcomes — let’s say you’re not seeing the performance that you want to see, or you’re not seeing the types of results that you want to see, and the goal is to institute some sort of behavioral change — that is thinking about how to deliver a message in a way that’s going to resonate with the people that you’re speaking with and will ultimately inspire them and actually have an action plan behind moving this in the right direction?”

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