Episode 195 — Laura Wasser — The Evolution of Dissolution

Love is hard, but divorce is harder. LA-based celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser is on a mission to make the process smoother for all parties.

Having worked with big names like Kim Kardashian and Ryan Reynolds, Laura understands that there’s no one right way to handle divorce cases — and she’s evolving the way lawyers everywhere approach dissolution.

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Laura and Michael sit down to discuss:

  • The common denominator of most divorces
  • The difference between celebrity cases and non-celebrity cases
  • Advice for those questioning their relationships
Episode 195 — Laura Wasser — The Evolution of Dissolution
Show Notes:

The evolution of women in law. “My parents trained me from an early age to try cases. There were females in family law, and there were some very good female family law litigators. I didn’t have to forge the path that so many of my colleagues have talked about. Things were definitely different back then — you couldn’t wear what you wanted — but for the most part it was similar. My father’s firm partner told me that women weren’t allowed to wear pants at the firm, so I had to wear stockings, cover my tattoo, only wear one earring in each ear, and so on. Things have mostly changed for the better across the board, and I’ve certainly made huge changes since I took over my father’s firm. We have a lot more female-friendly protocols now and it’s made a huge difference.”

Finding a better way. “If 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, isn’t it incumbent upon us to figure out a way to do it better so that it’s not such a pain for everyone involved? We need to figure out a better way of doing it rather than the old-fashioned way like we see in movies. Breakups are going to be hard no matter what, but legislatively, administratively, and financially, there has to be a better way of doing it.”

Love doesn’t conquer all.“It’s human nature for us to fall in love. We lock into whatever’s the most secure and protected feeling we can find. After a certain period of time, though, there’s always going to be downfalls. I’ve found that couples who figure out a way to communicate and build skills before they move in together and get married are the ones who can weather the storm. When things get bad, they can go into their toolbox and use the skills to help them.”

How celebrity divorce is different. “Celebrity cases aren’t so different from non-celebrity cases. I always say that divorce is the great equalizer, and while yes, celebrities tend to have more money than the average person, they’re just not as dissimilar as one might think. The biggest change is the media and trying to keep things private for the benefit of the family. Celebrities also often have many people with whom they surround themselves, and their jobs are typically to say yes — but that’s not my job. I have to say no sometimes, even if they may not like it.”

The best way to deal with the media. “Keep your mouth shut! Saying nothing is typically the best course of action. A lot of times they’ll misconstrue quotes or try to get you as you’re leaving the courtroom. It’s intimidating seeing 25 people walking backwards with cameras yelling questions at you.”

Communication is key. “For those who are thinking about getting married, my best advice is to talk and communicate as much as possible. Most religions require religious counseling before marriage, which I think is great, but I would even take it a step further and go see someone to get the tools. It’s not very romantic, but getting a prenuptial agreement is a great way to provide clarity of what everybody’s expectations are going into the marriage.”

What does being a game changer mean to you? “It means to me to not be afraid to do things differently and disrupt a bit. Someone who thinks outside the box and refuses to be complacent is a game changer.”

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