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EPISODE 31 — Grant Cardone — The 10X Mindset: Go Big or Go Bigger

International speaker, entrepreneur, and author Grant Cardone wants you to think in billions, not millions. Grant owns and operates seven privately held companies and has a $1.5B portfolio of properties. He pioneered the 10X rule to multiply everything in his life and start a worldwide movement. So what is 10X, and where did this supersize mentality come from?

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Grant answers questions such as:

  • How did Grant Cardone get Steve Harvey and Snoop Dogg in one place on Super Bowl weekend?
  • Why is cash flow — and not cash — king?
  • How can you 10X your life to experience stratospheric levels of growth?
  • What does going big mean when you’re already a giant?
EPISODE 31 — Grant Cardone — The 10X Mindset: Go Big or Go Bigger
Show Notes:

1:59 – COVID is a distraction. “This is what happens every year. This is not a different year. In people’s lives, you have distractions, and you have opportunities to go do other stuff and look at other stuff. Indecisiveness is the weakness. Look, you guys want to be hoodwinked by COVID? You want to be hijacked by the election? You want to be thrown off because of somebody’s comments about you? The universe will send you endless numbers of distractions.”

5:29 – Think exponentially. “In 2008, I became aware that I had really just been working hard, just showing up every day, just saving money. Those are great things, but if you don’t start taking chances, if you don’t start thinking exponentially, if you don’t start thinking about multiplying things, then you’re going to find yourself in later years of your life just working hard and being scared. The financial damage in 2008 worldwide was so horrific and so broad that it didn’t matter who you were — it hit you.”

7:47 – What is the 10X mindset? “10X is basically a multiplier. It basically suggests that if you have 80 clients, if you multiply times 10 you might be close to what you actually need. If you think one COVID event is an issue, multiply it times 10 events like COVID, or what if it lasted 10 times longer than you think? That’s the kind of preparation people should be doing. On the expansion part it’s, ‘Hey, I need 10 times the clients, 10 times resources, 10 times the advertising. On the downside, it could last 10 times longer. It could be 10 times worse.”

9:03 – What’s worse than growing up in poverty? “I said, ‘You know what’s worse, Dana, than growing up in poverty?’ He was like, ‘Nothing?’ I was like, ‘No, growing up in the middle class and blowing it.’ Because look, if you’re poor, you don’t really know you’re poor. And if you’re in the middle, you don’t know you’re in the middle. If you’re rich, you definitely know something different. The kids know, ‘Hey there’s something different about how I live compared to other people.’”

11:04 – How to keep the fire burning. “For a fire to burn — everybody’s like, ‘Who started the fire?’ I think the better question is, ‘How do you keep the fire burning?’ Because everybody’s got the spark. How did you put it out.? Who put it out? How do you find it again? And then once you get it again, how do you add wood to it? I talked about this in a book that I wrote called If You’re Not First, You’re Last: build a fire so hot, so big, so enormous that people from all over the world, regardless of who you are — your religion, your race, your age, your sex — they’re like, ‘I gotta go sit by that damn fire.’ And you can see it from miles away.”

16:47 – Not everything is about money. “Look, I’m very financially motivated. I’ve never denied it. I say it probably one time a day. I’m extremely financially motivated. I love the idea of measuring things based on financial windfalls. But when we did the Miami Marlins Stadium, it had nothing to do with money. It was 34,000 people. They’re like, ‘Dude, that’s a lot of damn people. How are you going to do that?’ People actually did not think about how much money I was going to make. They’re thinking, ‘F*ck, how’s he going to do that?’”

19:29 – Grow your self-confidence account. “There’s a savings account that I have that I don’t keep at Wells Fargo; I keep it at Cardone-argo. I keep it over at the Cardone Capital account. Self-confidence is the biggest account I have. What can I do today to make another deposit in my self-confidence account? And to me, that account is more real than the money over at Wells Fargo — because if I have enough self-confidence, money will not be the issue.”

26:19 – Become so big that they won’t let you fail. “True story. When COVID happened, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Teachers Credit Union, and a couple other banks called me up that week and asked, ‘When can we come down to Miami and visit?’ Because we owe $1.1 billion now. We’re partners now; we’re not adversaries. Because they know I can’t come up with $1.1 billion — it’s just not real. So now you understand the difference, and this is what we’re never taught. Get so big that by the natural law of the universe you acquire partners that are more powerful than you are.”

26:59 – Don’t go through crisis alone. “When COVID happened, the first piece of advice I gave everybody was ‘Do not go through a crisis alone.’ Get on a team right now. If you ever needed a mentor, get one right now. Do not try to do these emergencies by yourself. Get a strong partner that’s been through them before, that can guide you, mentor you, lead you, and make sure you’re expanding through it — otherwise you’re going to shrink and get smaller.”

28:46 – Why saving money is stupid. “Saving money is stupid. It is ridiculous. The only thing that ever happens to people who save money is they end up losing it. It ends up getting lost, it ends up getting stolen, it ends up getting burned, or it ends up going down in value — but it’s never going to get bigger. You save money at the bank, it ain’t getting bigger. Period.”

30:20 – Go big or go bigger — but never go alone. “You’re never going to get successful going on your own. You’re not going alone. Jesus didn’t go alone. Alexander the Great didn’t go alone. Martin Luther King had a team. You’re not going anyplace by yourself, so all this, ‘I’m going to go smaller. Smaller is better’ — smaller ain’t better! Go big or go…bigger.”

32:02 – The worst advice Grant ever received. “The worst piece of advice is ‘stay in your lane.’ Dude, it’s a f*cking superhighway out there. I’m trying to get someplace. I’ll use the ditch if I have to. I’ll jump the curb if it’s good for us”

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