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Episode 233 — AMMA — How to Find Meaning in the Journey

At the end of the day, we’re all just pursuing a life of fulfillment. But that means different things to different people — and even at different phases of life.

On this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Michael and Jessica Mogill explore deeper topics around success and fulfillment, including:

  • Why work-life balance is a myth
  • The ways your goals will evolve throughout your life
  • Why comparison is the thief of joy
Episode 233 — AMMA — How to Find Meaning in the Journey
Show Notes:

Balance is a myth. “This word ‘balance’ that has been manufactured on the internet is complete nonsense. It’s perpetuated by people who do not have balance themselves. They don’t have balance in their life and they don’t have balance in their checking accounts if you were to actually look. But they’ve created this idea that you can have a 50-50 balance of all things in your life working in perfect harmony: you’re perfect at the office and perfect at home and perfect in relationships and all you have to do is buy their course and they’ll teach you how you can also have similar balance in your life. The most successful people that I know operate through periods of significant imbalance. This idea of trying to keep things level constantly means you’re going to be either mediocre at everything you do — underperforming in everything you do and probably dissatisfied and probably not fulfilled.”

Your goals will change as you do. “Are you trying to impress somebody else? Are you trying to prove somebody wrong? Maybe you’re trying to prove your friends wrong. Maybe you’re trying to prove your parents wrong. Maybe you’re trying to show up somebody. But as you grow through these different levels, you start to realize, ‘I don’t really care about proving anybody wrong, and I don’t really care what these people on the internet think. Why am I doing even what I’m doing?’ That’s where you truly become dangerous because now you’re passionate about what you do and you don’t do it just simply because the goal is to get to some sort of destination. Now you’re playing an infinite game.”

The comparison game. “You choose whether you play that game or not. If you’re constantly chasing after somebody else, in some respects that can actually be motivating because it can create this desire. You choose the right enemies, or alternatively, you can create a lot of stress and anxiety needlessly. It really just comes down to why are you doing what you’re doing, being able to answer that question for yourself.”

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