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Episode 225 — Season 4 Finale: Part 2

2023 is coming to a close, and so is Season 4 of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast. Join us in celebrating with a final roundup of our most memorable conversations of the year!

You’ll revisit highlights from:

  • Dan Fleyshman: Serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, and the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history
  • Dan Martell: Award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author of Buy Back Your Time
  • Patty McCord: Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix
  • Flo Rida: Rapper, singer, and songwriter
  • Richard Montañez: Former Vice President at Pepsico, best-selling author, and the inspiration behind the hit film Flamin’ Hot
Episode 225 — Season 4 Finale: Part 2
Show Notes:

Dan Fleyshman: Turning rock bottom into a learning opportunity. “That moment made me realize the scoreboard is a scoreboard. My loss is there, whether I want to sit and blame my competitors, or blame the government, or blame the media. You can blame whoever you want. The scoreboard is the scoreboard. The L is still there, however you want to call it. And so, instead of sitting on the floor and crying, I was licking my wounds and moved forward.”

Dan Martell: Calendar over capacity. “Most people, when they hire individuals to help them in their business — contractors, team members, part-time people, full-time, it doesn’t matter — when you spend dollars on labor, to hire somebody, most people do it to add capacity to their business. ‘I’ve got demand now. I need help with shipping. I need help with writing more code. I need designers because I have a design agency or a PR agency or whatever. I’ve got somebody that does fabrication.’ Whatever it is, they’re like, ‘I’ve got a capacity problem.’ The challenge with that is you could hire people to add your capacity, but it actually doesn’t make your life better. If anything, it adds complexity. More people means more things you have to manage, and if you haven’t bought back the lower-value tasks to free up your time to go do the higher-value stuff, then that’s where you end up building a business that might have grown in top-line revenue, but you actually make less profit because you hire out of sequence.”

Patty McCord: Build your team for the future, not the present. “Are we going to miss this opportunity because we don’t have the right team? We can’t. We can’t. That’s a really different way of thinking about teams in the future and what you want to do and how you want to scale — because every problem in the future is different than the one in the past.”

Flo Rida: How to choose entrepreneurial ventures. “I make sure that anything that I’m involved with is second nature to who I am and what I stand for, because I never want to be a part of something that I don’t see the vision and I don’t see it being successful. So it makes my job easy. It makes the person that I’m working with’s job easy. That way, even in music, I knew the sacrifices that I made early on, so I just applied that as well as me being a fit guy. Anytime that I went to the gym, the more pain I went through, the more I gave. Definitely giving myself to anything that I was passionate about…I already know that I’m going to be successful. I’m a risk taker. But for the most part, I like to dip and dive into things that I have the wisdom and knowledge about.”

Richard Monteñez: The world needs you. “As much as I wanted to fit in and be like everyone else, I finally realized I was never created to fit in. I was always created to stand out. That’s what we have to teach our young people. As they go through life trying to fit in, we have to remind them you were never created to fit in. Give it up. You will never be like them because you were created to stand out. You will never be like them because you weren’t created to be them. You were created to be you. Be you. It’s the best thing that we need. We need you.”

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