Eric Farber
Eric Farber

Episode 149 — Eric Farber — Mastering the Attention Economy: Revolutionizing Legal Services and Access to Justice

In today’s world, there are new tools, trends, and technologies that we all must learn to adapt to if we want to grow. Those who are willing to embrace the changes are the ones who will go the furthest.

Eric Farber of Creators Legal is one of those game changing leaders who isn’t afraid to try new things and leverage them for his own business.

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Eric and Michael sit down to discuss:

  • How to use leverage cutting-edge AI technology like ChatGPT
  • The importance of not getting stuck in your ways
  • Why adaptation is the most valuable trait to have
Episode 149 — Eric Farber — Mastering the Attention Economy: Revolutionizing Legal Services and Access to Justice
Show Notes:

Don’t skip the copyright. “No matter the facet of content you’re creating, you must make sure that you have the copyright to it. Whether you’re producing music or books or podcasts, if you don’t own the copyright to what you’re doing, you aren’t going to be able to serve your people. There are many terms and conditions when it comes to working with people, and you have to know what you’re talking about. We hear a lot of talk in politics about this stuff on Capitol Hill about the terms and conditions of the big major platforms, whether it’s YouTube or TikTok, where you go on there and you have to click and say, ‘Yes, I own the all of this copyright to be able to actually do what I’m doing.’ You can’t own all the copyright unless you have a contract with everybody who’s touched the product. That’s where you get your ownership, and that’s where you can monetize.”

Leveraging ChatGPT in the legal industry. “There are already several different legal tech platforms, especially in the contract side, that have already integrated Chat GPT into contract drafting. I think it’s going to help lawyers in the long run, especially the ones that are doing business by suggesting clauses, by rewriting clauses, etc. But I also think it’s going to change the way we approach work as a whole.”

Lawyers are writers. “I think lawyers have to recognize that that profession they’re in also happens to be the industry of writing. If you’re in the industry of writing, ChatGPT is going to change the way you operate entirely. If you’re a marketer and you haven’t realized that you don’t need to write blogs anymore, and that ChatGPT can write a better blog for you than you can on your own, then you’re just living in the woods.”

Grow or die. “It’s our job as lawyers and as leaders to figure out what’s left for you to do. What else can you try? How can you make your clients and community happy and leave them feeling satisfied? The people who are constantly trying to answer that question are going to make something of themselves — and the people who sit around and ignore what’s happening and ignore the changes that are being made to the industry? They’re the ones out of a job. The people who are ready to adapt and to embrace change are the ones who will grow bigger than ever.”

Influencers existed before Instagram. “The world has been using influencers forever — probably longer than anyone actually realizes. I’ve read about the gladiators and the Roman days and how they were actually influencers themselves. They were the local influencers for companies, and they would advertise whatever they wanted to when they were performing in front of thousands of people. We base all our buying decisions on the influence of it.”

What does being a game changer mean to you? “If you have the willingness to adapt and change with the times, then you’re a game changer. You can’t remain stagnant. The times aren’t doing that, and neither can you.”

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